Altra Motion and MTEK form strategic partnership

21st January 2021
Alex Lynn

Altra Motion has formed a strategic partnership with factory intelligence and software specialist, MTEK. Following Altra’s acquisition of motion control companies Kollmorgen, Thomson and Portescap, the alliance with MTEK supports Altra’s ongoing commitment to continue moving up the technology spectrum, offering more advanced solutions to its customers.

MTEK CEO, Mattias Andersson, has a vision to accelerate and simplify the journey to smart manufacturing, enabling companies to efficiently capture and utilise data from increasingly connected machines and devices on their factory floors. The machines and processes in manufacturing ecosystems generate huge amounts of data. Today, this information is too often stored and analysed in disconnected applications.

There has been no intuitive way to use it to accurately correlate cause and effect and uncover actionable insights across the mass of data to improve performance, traceability, and control. MTEK’s core software solution, MBrain, connects to any machine or device in the factory, collecting and correlating machine data with production parameters and quality measures by using intuitive drag-and-drop advanced analytics tools like real-time SPC and Artificial Intelligence.

As an established manufacturer of motion control and power transmission systems and components, Altra is familiar with the growing trend for digitalisation across the factory floor. Many of its brands offer products which can be designed to operate within the ‘Smart Factory’ environment, as well as hardware and software solutions for various factory automation applications.

David Ebling, President of two of Altra’s Operating Companies, commented: “We are committed to bringing the benefits of the digital factory and Industry 4.0 to our customers, both in terms of the services and solutions we offer and in the technologies we adopt in our own manufacturing facilities. Our partnership with MTEK will help accelerate this initiative.

“For example, the AGV Systems division of Kollmorgen provides sophisticated software systems to forklift and AGV manufacturers and users which enable the conversion of traditional vehicles to autonomous ‘driverless’ solutions. Through this partnership our intention is to continue offering a high level of innovation and service to the AGV industry while collaborating with MTEK as we evaluate opportunities to expand our technological offering to a greater breadth of Altra customers globally.”

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