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Keysight unveils 6GHz 8 in 1 bench top oscilloscope

“High-speed digital designs are becoming increasingly complex,” says Benoit Neel, Vice President & General Manager, Sales, EMEAI Region, Keysight Technologies. “Testing complex signal interaction requires eight simultaneous channels at bandwidths of 2 to 6GHz.” Cometh the hour, cometh the oscilloscope.

To meet those needs, Keysight has produced the first oscilloscope with 8 analogue channels at 6GHz and 16 simultaneous digital channels.

The high-speed digital designs, Neel referenced, alongside power integrity verification, Wi-Fi 6, IoT, IIoT and imaging and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors utilise frequencies between 2GHz and 6GHz that are currently underserved or require costly trade-offs.

Testing these new products requires time- and frequency-domain equipment capable of simultaneous analogue and digital channels, ideally with software enabled protocols, standards, built-in test assistance, and test team remote collaboration.

Users will be able to reduce test bench and workflow complexity to achieve higher performance as well as accurate and repeatable multi-channel measurements in a single instrument.

The new Infiniium MXR-Series mixed signal oscilloscope is based on ASIC-driven processing, used in Keysight’s 110GHz USR series oscilloscope, which delivers eight instruments in one, including a real-time spectrum analyser (RTSA), oscilloscope, digital voltmeter (DVM), waveform generator, Bode plotter, counter, protocol analyser, and logic analyser.

Bench clutter, setup and test time are reduced, and crosstalk issues are minimised.

Incorporating a real-time spectrum analyser achieves a 100% probability of detection in the frequency domain, even for asynchronous errors, says Keysight.

This test and measurement fire power is complemented by an extensive suite of software solutions focused on power integrity, high-speed digital test, and verification.

Included in the Built-in software is a feature dubbed Fault Hunter.

According to Erik Babbe, Keysight’s Marketing Initiative Manager, EMEA-I, this automatically finds signal anomalies, and analyses glitches, slow edges and runts.

Babbe also called attention to the instrument’s Real-Time Spectrum Analyser (RTSA) feature.

“Users can capture fleeting or transient signals and demodulate, analyse and perform advanced signal analysis on I/Q signals,” said Babbe.

As with Keysight’s UXR series, this oscilloscope has a capacitive multi-touch display.

Also included with the oscilloscope is PathWave Infiniium Offline Analysis software enables design teams to do extensive analysis and data manipulation after bench measurements are complete, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the test bench.

It allows engineers whether in the laboratory or living room to share data.

The oscilloscope is easily upgradeable by users, eliminating the need to ship it back to Keysight, and it is supported through KeysightCare which offers other services beyond the basic warranty.

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