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Keysight aids IT support to remote user program

4th May 2020
Mick Elliott

Keysight Technologies has extended its Innovate Anywhere Program until May 31, 2020, to enable IT staff to support the growing remote user community, while maintaining network availability, improving security and ensuring performance.

The program was initiated to help designers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As companies around the world adjust to more and more employees working remotely, IT teams have stepped up to support those remote users to ensure business continuity,” stated Mark Pierpoint, president of Network Applications & Security at Keysight Technologies. “Virtual private networks (VPNs) are critical to maintain security between users working from home and their company. Keysight is committed to helping IT groups ensure their VPNs are performing properly for all the users, while not costing more than necessary by being over-provisioned.”

Many VPNs use the SSL protocol to provide secure private network access from a public network.

Keysight’s complimentary SSL VPN Availability Assessment is a self-service web portal that enables IT staff to check their company’s Cisco VPN gateway’s availability to accept new incoming connections. T

his low-impact assessment includes daily e-mail reports and proactive alerts to potential VPN gateway availability issues.

A VPN infrastructure is key to business continuity, but companies scaled most of their deployments for the status quo — not the new normal. Now, business continuity depends on employees being able to work remotely.

Not only does IT need to provision enough VPN capacity for a usage surge, they need to validate that the network can smoothly support critical applications at peak traffic loads. 

Keysight’s experienced test experts use an elastically scaling cloud infrastructure to simulate thousands of VPN clients connecting to the customer’s production VPN gateways during a maintenance window.

The assessment provides detailed reports and metrics that enable IT to identify performance issues and optimise split tunnel policies for a better user experience by answering these critical questions:

  • How many users can my VPN gateway support?
  • How long does connection establishment take when a lot of users are connecting?
  • How much throughput does the gateway support with lots of connected users?
  • How much bandwidth per tunnel can my infrastructure sustain?

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