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Free E-Book from IAR Systems: ‘The 12 Fundamentals of Embedded Software Development’

11th January 2023
Sheryl Miles

IAR Systems is offering embedded developers a free e-book, which gathers the know-how and experience of long-standing experts.

‘The 12 Fundamentals of Embedded Software Development’ is a comprehensive case study on what to consider when aiming for high-quality code and successfully marketable and profitable software.

The growing complexity of embedded software projects and the pressure on developers to create applications quickly and cost-efficiently are no secret. IAR Systems’ e-book openly addresses the challenges for embedded developers and offers hands-on advice with ‘12 Fundamentals’ they should know.

Moreover, the e-book discusses how to lower costs on a product’s bill of materials (BOM) through code performance, how to increase productivity with DevOps, and how to effectively speed up the safety certification process for embedded software. This case study even specifies a concrete cost calculation for the ROI and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Penned by a group of experts at IAR Systems with many years of technical expertise and industry experience, Rafael Taubinger, Senior Product Marketing Manager, is the principal author and was assisted by four contributors: Anders Holmberg, CTO of IAR Systems; David Källberg, FAE Manager EMEA; Shawn Prestridge, FAE Manager US; Hyun-Do Lee, Sales Manager. They all bring their different perspectives and expertise on embedded software development.

“Making our collective knowledge available in a compact format like an e-book was gratifying for us”, said Rafael Taubinger, Senior Product Marketing Manager at IAR Systems and principal author of the e-book. “In the form of a case study, we were also able to get really concrete use cases. So with this, we hope to provide developers with the most important and helpful insights for successful software projects.”

IAR Systems’ e-book “The 12 Fundamentals of Embedded Software Development” is available for free download.

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