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Exeger partners with TP Vision for Philips products

5th December 2023
Harry Fowle

Exeger has announced its partnership with TP Vision to integrate Exeger’s solar cell technology, Powerfoyle, into Philips consumer electronics products.

The partnership between Exeger and TP Vision will focus on integrating Powerfoyle solar cell into an array of consumer electronics, starting with two products to be unveiled at CES 2024.

Exeger’s Powerfoyle technology offers clean, endless energy, unique design features and improves the sustainability of products. TPV has chosen to partner with Exeger to include Powerfoyle as the power source for Philips-branded consumer electronics products.

With a rich history of technological advancements, TPV excels in pioneering design and innovation. The company crafts cutting-edge consumer electronics with a focus on performance, user experience, product quality and exceptional European Design.

Exeger innovates, develops, and manufactures Powerfoyle, a solar cell that can power consumer electronics using all forms of light, both indoor artificial light and outdoor sunlight. Powerfoyle is unique in its ability to efficiently convert any light into energy to continuously power any device. The integration of Powerfoyle provides consumers with an enhanced experience, providing them with virtually endless battery life and removing the need to charge from the grid or replace batteries.

Powerfoyle is the world’s only fully customisable solar cell. The solar cell is flexible and can be made in almost any shape or form with over a hundred different patterns and textures available making it possible for brands to integrate Powerfoyle while retaining the design DNA of their products.

Powerfoyle is an environmentally friendly solar cell. The solar cells are manufactured in two factories in Sweden using 100% renewable energy and emitting no toxic emissions. The factories boast a combined annual capacity of 2,5 million square meters when fully scaled. Powerfoyle is non-toxic and made from abundantly available raw materials. Designed for longevity, it is durable and undergoes rigorous testing.

Giovanni Fili, CEO & founder of Exeger, comments "TPV and Exeger are committed to creating advanced, high-quality, beautiful products focused on a seamless user-experience. With TPV’s track record for innovation in consumer electronics, and Exeger’s Powerfoyle offering clean, endless power to any device, this partnership will produce ground-breaking products. Together, we will set a new standard of convenience and sustainability.”

Kostas Vouzas, CEO TP Vision Europe & Americas said: “Genuine innovation, sustainability and an improved user experience are core values at the heart of our business. We believe our partnership with Exeger will bring unique benefits to our customers by offering the same product performance and design qualities without the need to find, charge and replace batteries. TP Vision has a history of partnering with European-based specialist companies and I believe Exeger will help us to provide better product solutions that are at the same time more sustainable.”

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