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X-FAB confirmed at Medical MEMS & Sensors Conference 2016

22nd April 2016
Jordan Mulcare

X-FAB MEMS Foundry has further underlined its ongoing commitment to delivering next gen micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) solutions to the medical sector by continuing its sponsorship of the Medical MEMS & Sensors conference in Santa Clara.

X-FAB’s MEMS Business Line Manager, Iain Rutherford, will present an overview of how X-FAB is already addressing the needs of MEMS manufacturing in the rapidly growing medical and biotechnology space. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, 28th April and commences at 9:55AM.

X-FAB has been manufacturing MEMS devices for medical applications for 20 years and its state-of-the-art MEMS processing and quality systems continue to meet the challenges that the medical industry face in areas such as x-ray and ultrasound imaging, catheter sensing, pacemakers and cardiological devices, drug delivery, cell analysis and non-invasive diagnostics. In particular, the combination of X-FAB’s low-noise CMOS sensing circuitry combined with micro-machined structures such as micro-wells, fluidic channels, process chambers and wafer-level packaging are enabling the next generation of medical devices to increase performance and optimise the form-factor of devices.

The overall cost-effectiveness of MEMS-based devices are helping to transform large, complex and expensive medical equipment normally only found in hospital and laboratories, into smaller, easy-to-use equipment that is affordable by clinics, doctors and even patients.

“The scope of possibilities that MEMS offers for medical, biotech and healthcare applications is vast and is only just starting to be explored,” states Rutherford. “X-FAB’s expertise in MEMS technology combined with its advanced analog and mixed-signal CMOS technology will be of real value to the market as it matures. What is really exciting is to see how our customers are finding MEMS solutions that address global health concerns, which enable faster research, more accurate diagnosis, better treatment and more convenient and accurate monitoring of medical conditions, all of which improves patients’ quality of life. X-FAB is already committed to driving innovation in these areas and this is why we are pleased to continue to be a key sponsor the Medical MEMS & Sensors event”

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