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Workshops on PCB manufacturing processes to be held

14th April 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Nordson ASYMTEK has announced that it will partner with Kintner Equipment to conduct workshops on PCB manufacturing processes from 21st to 23rd April 2015, at the Kintner facility in New York. The free workshop is designed to present to manufacturing, process and quality engineers, ways to identify and resolve process-related issues, eliminate production bottlenecks and optimise production-line yields to improve profitability.

Experts from Nordson ASYMTEK will provide information about precision dispensing and conformal coating and perform live demonstrations on the SL-940E select coat conformal coating system and the Spectrum II S2-920 automated fluid dispensing system.

Kintner Equipment is hosting factory representatives from nine of the industry's leading equipment suppliers, including Nordson ASYMTEK. Live equipment demonstrations and presentations about the technologies and automated assembly processes in electronic manufacturing will be given.

Featured topics will include automated optical inspection and solder paste inspection, bottom-side selective soldering, topside robotic point-to-point soldering, high-speed and flexible SMT and odd-form placement, board level and BGA rework and repair. As well as batch and in-line aqueous cleaning, solder paste printing and dispensing, conformal coating, precision dispensing of underfill, adhesives and solder paste and on-site nitrogen gas generation.

"Dispensing and conformal coating materials, processes and equipment continue to evolve to meet the challenges of rapidly changing market demands and new and emerging technologies," said Bernie McHugh, Regional Sales Manager, Nordson ASYMTEK.

"Selecting a system for dispensing or coating now requires a thorough understanding of the application it will be used for, the manufacturing process it will be part of, and how it can handle the electronics manufacturing needs of the future. This workshop gives us a chance to have one-on-one discussions to address individual dispensing and coating needs and concerns,"  added McHugh.

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