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Wireless charging technology and more on show at CES 2017

At CES 2017, taking place this week in Las Vegas, ETRI is showcasing its latest ICT achievements. Seven technologies in the field of broadcasting and media, hyper-connected and 5G giga telecommunications are to be introduced. 

These include wireless charging technology for a specific space; technology to acquire and reproduce super-multiview content; and international standards technology for healthcare and connected cars.

In partnership with its joint research institutions, ETRI is exhibiting some of its latest research results in a few booths. ABOV Semiconductor will jointly display the WoT (Web of Things) solutions, and Elcomtec is participating in the exhibition for integrated control platform technology designed for smart homes. SIGONGtech is partnering with ETRI for real-time image multiplexing technology for multiview display, and Hwashin demonstrates in the US its automobile radar signal processing software.

At the exhibition, ETRI aims to display the latest achievements developed by its researchers and invite international companies interested in those technologies to provide consultation for technology transfer as a means to facilitate technology commercialisation.

First, the wireless charging technology enables smart devices to be charged in a three-dimensional manner, regardless of their locations and direction. Although the currently available version of the technology requires smartphones to physically contact the charging pad, ETRI's newly developed charging mode simply requires users to place their smart devices inside kinds of small basket, such as the cup holder inside their car.

The technology to acquire and play the super-multiview content is a part of the Giga Korea Project. Most of the 3D imaging technology in the current consumer market are based on the support of dedicated 3D glasses. However, ETRI's technology readily acquires super-multiview content at a total of 81 viewpoints, and play the images on the glasses-free displays in real-time. Another technology to be showcased allows a large volume of super-multiview media to be transmitted, shared, and controlled to enable collaboration between remotely located users.

The international standard technology for healthcare is an extension of Bluetooth communication to combine with healthcare technology. This significantly helps the work of healthcare services and equipment developers. The research team plans to match the technology with the standards it will develop and strengthen its influence when they are selected as international standards. The international standard technology for connected cars realises a variety of automotive electronic data (speed, fuel, safety, telematics) in a Web-based manner, against the backdrop of rapidly increasing ICT use in the field of automotive electronics. Currently, this technology is for the W3C standards, and an interlocking test is scheduled to be conducted with GENIVI Alliance, a concentration of global automotive industries.

By demonstrating the technologies with joint research partners, ETRI also aims to enter the North American market based on a strengthened competitive edge. ETRI's Smart Home Factory Research Section and ABOV Semiconductor are displaying the IoT solutions together. The IoT technology previously was mostly related to IoT-applied home appliances and was only provided for some premium devices. On the other hand, the IoT solution technology to be showcased at the CES 2017 loads WiFi-based, low-cost IoT chips, and ultralight IoT software optimised for hardware. This will enable the IoT solution to be applied to small appliances subject to fierce cost competition. As a result, the technology is anticipated to strengthen global competitiveness of home appliance manufacturers in the field of IoT technology, which is expected to grow rapidly.

Together with Elcomtec, ETRI also exhibits platform technology to manage and control home appliances. Connecting the appliances to the Web service, this Web-based smart home coordinating technology creates a personal smart life experience by allowing manufacturers, businesses, and users to use a diverse and creative smart home service. This technology was on display at the CES 2016, and this year it will additionally showcase the wellness service specifically designed for personal weight management.

The technology developed with SIGONGtech provides multi-view 3D images in the form of multivision for users to feel 3D illusion with the naked eyes. Depending on the interactions with users, images are dynamically created at 81 different perspectives in real-time, offering an experience of immersive 3D effect and parallax.

Finally, Hwashin and ETRI will showcase signal processing technology to detect targets by using high-frequency signals (77GHz) for vehicles. Also to be displayed is software technology to transmit high-frequency wave patterns, calculate a target's distance, angle, and speed, and detect a target.

"At the CES 2017, we will actively publicise Korea's latest ICT capabilities to international businesses," explained Dr. Soon Seok Lee, Vice President of ETRI, Communication Strategy Department. "With various efforts for global marketing, we are committed to promoting ETRI's outstanding technologies and leading overseas technology commercialisation and entry into the global market."

A brief introduction to each technology is available here.

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