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Winners of the eMobility Innovation Awards 2024

19th February 2024
Kristian McCann

The latest iteration of the awards took place within the eMobility Expo World Congress, honouring entities such as Vecla, Fastned, EMC E-Mobility Innovation Labs, E-GAP, and LetMePark.

These awards annually acknowledge projects at the forefront of sustainable mobility worldwide.

The eMobility Expo World Congress hosted the second edition of the eMobility Innovation Awards 2024, aimed at recognising efforts and projects significantly contributing to sustainable mobility. This year's awards highlighted initiatives striving for mobility electrification and enhancements in electric vehicle charging systems.

Vecla received the COPE Award for the Best Mobility Company for its role in transitioning combustion vehicles to electric, targeting manufacturers or vehicle owners keen on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing costs, aligning with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. EO Charging and Cafler, with their focus on electric fleet solutions and marketplace platforms, respectively, were finalists.

Fastned won the Generalitat Valenciana Award for the Most Innovative Project for the Future of Mobility, thanks to its fast-charging network that bolsters charging infrastructure across Europe. The company's nature-inspired stations offer electric vehicle drivers a pleasant 15-minute charge for up to 300km of range. BusUp and Vertiports Network also contended in this category with their corporate transportation and urban landing port solutions.

The Iberdrola Award for the Best Public Solution for Sustainable Mobility was awarded to EMCIL for rewarding electric vehicle trips with tokens. Finalists included Miivo Mobility, with its Big Data and multiplatform solutions for improved mobility access, and VePa Vertical Parking, which offers a compact rotating parking and charging system.

E-Gap emerged as the victor of the BP Award for the Best Mobility Solution for Customer Experience, providing a mobile recharging service tailored to both companies and individuals. It utilises electric vans for on-site vehicle charging. Competitors included Mocci, for its Smart Pedal Vehicles, and ITENE, with its INTEGRA project featuring a delivery locker in an autonomous vehicle.

Lastly, the CEPSA Award for the Best Use of Technology to Improve Mobility was bestowed upon LetMePark for its automated, cashless parking solution. See.sense and Charge Amps were also in the running, offering AI-based sensor data solutions and cloud-based charging optimisation, respectively.

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