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Vishay Intertechnology to exhibit at APEC 2015

13th February 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


At APEC 2015, Vishay Intertechnology will be highlighting its latest power MOSFET, passive component and diode technologies for a wide range of applications. 

The Vishay Siliconix 40V TrenchFET SQJQ402E is the industry's first AEC-Q101-qualified MOSFET to feature the 8x8x1.8mm PowerPAK 8x8L package, and the first in an 8x8mm package with J leads. To save PCB space in automotive applications, the SQJQ402E offers similar on-resistance and higher continuous current than devices in the D²PAK while reducing the footprint area and profile by 60%. To save power, the MOSFET offers half the on-resistance, twice the current, and a 21% smaller profile than devices in the DPAK, all with only a 12% larger footprint. Unlike the D²PAK and DPAK packages, the PowerPAK 8x8L is completely lead (Pb)-free.

Vishay will highlight its new 600 and 650V Trench IGBT platform featuring Punch Through and Field Stop technologies. Designed to increase efficiency in motor drives, UPS, solar inverters and welding machine inverters, the Vishay Semiconductors devices offer low collector-to-emitter voltages as well as fast and soft turn-on and turn-off for low conduction and switching losses. The IGBTs are optimised for use in power modules with Vishay's FRED Pt Gen 4 Ultrafast soft diodes.

The Vishay Draloric AC05..CS 5 W axial silicone cemented, fusible wirewound safety resistor is the industry's first such device designed to ensure safe and silent fusing operation during overload conditions, while offering surge voltage withstanding capability up to 6kV (1.2µs/50µs). For electric appliances, energy meters and power supplies, the UL1412-recorgnised AC05..CS combines a fusing time of less than 45s for a 100W overload with a special non-flammable silicone cement coating for immediate interruption without flame and explosion when AC mains voltage (230VAC) is applied.

The Vishay Semiconductors SE10DxHM3/1, SE12DxHM3/1 and SE20DxHM3/1 AEC-Q101-qualified 100 to 600V standard rectifiers combine ESD capability with a wide range of current ratings from 10 to 20A. For space-constrained applications, the devices are offered in the SMPD (TO-263AC) package, which features an extremely low 1.7mm profile and is footprint-compatible with the D²PAK. Featuring low forward voltage drops down to 0.96V typical at 12A, the rectifiers reduce power loss and improve efficiency for general purpose power line polarity protection in automotive applications.

Vishay will showcase the new VS-ENQ030L120S, VS-ETF075Y60U, VS-ETF150Y65U and VS-ETL015Y120H IGBT power modules designed specifically for string solar inverters and medium-power-range UPS. Combining Ultrafast Trench IGBTs, high-efficiency HEXFRED and FRED Pt diode technologies, and thermistors for easy thermal management in single EMIPAK-1B and EMIPAK-2B packages, the Vishay Semiconductors modules offer complete integrated solutions for inverters based on 3-level neutral point clamp topologies and interleaved multiple-channel MPPT boost converters.

Vishay will introduce a new series of hybrid ENergY storage capacitors, ENYCAP, with low 2.5mm profiles and industry-high energy density of 13Ws/g. Offering designers exceptional flexibility and enhanced charge and discharge performance for energy harvesting and power line backup applications, the Vishay BCcomponents 196HVC ENYCAP series is available with a wide variety of layouts, capacitance values and voltage ratings.

For medical equipment and other electronics in which reliability and stability are primary concerns, the Vishay Beyschlag MMA 0204 HV and MMB 0207 HV professional high-voltage thin film MELF resistors combine a robust construction with high continuous operating voltage to 1000V and a surge voltage rating to 3kV.

Suitable for applications in extreme environments, the Vishay Draloric VSGR combines high power capability up to 20kW with a wide operating temperature range of -25 to +250°C. Providing protection IP00 to IP23 and a robust design, the device is optimised as a converter and brake resistor in windmill, solar, diesel generator, turbine and railway applications.

Offering a rugged design for motor drives and LED drivers in industrial and lighting applications, the Vishay BCcomponents PTCSL03 mini leaded PTC sensing thermistor offers a fast response time, a wide range of protection temperatures from +80 to +150°C, excellent long-term behaviour and accurate resistance to simplify circuit designs.

Vishay will introduce a new automotive-grade low-profile, high-current inductor featuring an integrated e-shield for reduction of EMI in the compact 4040 case size. Lowering costs and saving board space in automotive and other applications by eliminating the need for separate board-level shielding for the inductor, the Vishay Dale IHLE-4040DC-5A contains the electric field associated with EMI in a tin-plated copper integrated shield, providing up to 20dB of electric field reduction at 1cm (above the centre of the inductor) when the integrated shield is connected to ground.

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