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Transceiver operates in 2.4GHz unlicensed frequency bands

13th February 2019
Alex Lynn

At the embedded world show this year, CML Microcircuits will preview a new digital voice and data solution. The SCT2400 offers a wide operating range and low power consumption when compared to current solutions operating in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. The device is a highly integrated digital transceiver that operates in 2.4GHz unlicensed frequency bands supporting both voice and data communication. 

Operation in unlicensed bands allows manufacturers to have a common solution across multiple geographic regions and to provide products that do not require licensing and are therefore attractive to customers who want to use products ‘straight out of the box’.

The SCT2400 leverages CML’s vocoder expertise as well as advanced forward error correction and pairs this with a robust spread spectrum modulation solution that offers exceptional range.

In addition power consumption is minimised, taking less that ten milliamps whilst scanning for incoming calls- a factor of four to five less than current PMR based solutions. Such low power enables considerably longer operating times, or allows smaller batteries to be used, making more compact solutions and enabling more attractive form factors such as pendant radio solutions.

The solution replaces unlicensed point-to-point radios and can also address groups of radios or offer a broadcast functionality. It is also a replacement for traditional Private Mobile Radio as well as being suitable for intercom, tour guide and headset applications. In addition to voice, a data mode is also supported, allowing short messaging between terminals, something that has not been supported in traditional unlicensed PMR systems, even after transitioning to digital voice standards.

Commenting on the product David Brooke, Product Manager for CML’s Voice and Data products, stated: “The SCT2400 is a ground-breaking product that will enable developers to realise innovative solutions in new smaller form factors or with exceptional battery life when compared to current solutions. In addition, this product has the potential for very long range voice and data communication and we are excited to see what new products this solution will enable”.

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