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Top EMS companies live test 5K3D and PI machines

7th March 2017
Alice Matthews


Provider of inspection solutions for PCB assembly, Vi TECHNOLOGY, has announced that it participated in AMTEST’s recent open days at the AMTEST facility in Budapest, Hungary. More than 20 Vi TECHNOLOGY customers attended the event, including top EMS and automotive companies, for live demos of the 5K3D and PI machines.

Krisztian Kern, Business Development Manager, Vi TECHNOLOGY, commented: “The open days were a great success – many customers came and were delighted to discover our SPI, 3D AOI and Sigma Link total inspection solution for process control.”

Smart factories were the focus of the discussions between customers and Vi TECHNOLOGY teams. “With the Sigma Link complete solution, inspection brings maximum value to control your process, and this is clearly the way to a zero defect line,” said an engineer from a leading EMS company.

The new 5K3D is a full 3D AOI based on laser technology with angled cameras combined with the 2D Spectro optical solution. It provides indifferently 3D or 2D images of the components. This patented 3D AOI combination offers complete defect coverage with high precision metrology.

The PI Series has been recognised by the industry as the most innovative SPI product since the introduction of Moiré systems. With 360° Moiré technology, the PI Series offers an extra-large 3D image for what the company claims to be unprecedented review interface and outstanding accuracy. According to Vi TECHNOLOGY, PI is the only inspection system to programme automatically.

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