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The future of the Internet of Vehicles

On the 27th December 2018, in order to speed up the development of the Internet of Vehicles (Intelligent Connected Vehicles) industry, cultivate new growth points, and form new kinetic energy, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a report on the ‘Internet of Vehicles (Intelligent Connected Vehicles). Notice of the Automotive Industry Development Action Plan’.

For the action target, the action plan proposes that by 2020, a breakthrough will be achieved in the cross-industry integration of the Internet of Vehicles, and IoV with high-level automatic driving functions will realise the application of specific scene scales, and the comprehensive application system of the vehicle network.

The basic construction and the user penetration rate has been improved, the level of intelligent road infrastructure has been enhaned, the policies, regulations, standards and safety systems for industrial development have been initially established, and the industrial ecology of open integration and innovation has basically taken shape to meet the diversity of the people. Personalised, constantly evolving consumer demand.

After 2020, through continuous efforts, the IoV industry will be promoted to leapfrog development, technological innovation, standard systems, infrastructure, application services and security assurance systems will be fully established, and IoV with high-level automatic driving functions and 5G-V2X will be gradually realised. For large-scale commercial applications, ‘human-car-road-cloud’ aims to achieves high synergy.

The action plan proposes to accelerate the implementation of the ‘Guidelines for the Construction of the National Internet of Vehicle Industry Standard System’ and update and supplement it in a timely manner according to the needs of industrial development. As well as accelerate the formulation and improvement of basic general categories, technical categories, test evaluation categories, service specification categories and safety certification standards.

The system carries out research and formulation of relevant standards and specifications for automatic driving test evaluation. It also aims to carry out 5G-V2X technology research and development and standard formulation, and promote the integration innovation and standard research of multi-access edge computing and LTE-V2X technology. Strengthen the connection with relevant infrastructure standards such as smart city construction, and accelerate the research and development of technical requirements and test methods for base station equipment, roadside units and vehicle terminal equipment.

The plan also drives to promote the development of end-to-end interconnection standards between the vehicle networking service platform and the traffic control information service platform. Establish interconnection and data interaction standards between electric vehicles, charging piles and platforms. It will also focus on the research and development of relevant standards for promoting vehicle network wireless communication security, vehicle networking platform and application security, data security and user personal information protection.

The upcoming 4th Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit (ACSS2019) will be held on the 23rd -25th January, in Shanghai Jin jiang Tower Hotel.

The major topics include:

  • Updated Development and Security Supervision of the Internet of Vehicles Industry includes Personal Information Protection Algorithm Supervision.
  • Updated Development of the Standard Specification, Rules and Regulations for Automotive Cyber Security in China
  • Analysis and Countermeasures of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Cyber Security in China and Global
  • Holistic Risk Management: Vulnerability Assessment of Product Security Megatrends Changing the Nature of Mobility
  • Cybersecurity of Autonomous Driving -ensure the “State• of the art” Security implementation over the product lifecycle 
  • Security the Connected Vehicle through Standards 
  • Secure Can Bus In-vehicle Communication 
  • Thinking and Practices of Connected Vehicle Operation System 
  • Vehicle E&E Architecture Specific Security Features Configuration Strategy

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