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The fast lane to smart and secure IoT devices

27th January 2020
Alex Lynn

At this year’s embedded world, Infineon Technologies has announced that it will present easy-to-integrate technology for smart mobility, smart industry and smart lifestyle. Focussing on holistic system solutions, the Infineon booth will feature applications for automated driving and in-vehicle health monitoring, wireless charging, multicopters and drones as well as automotive and industrial gateways.

In addition, the chipmaker will give several expert speeches, explaining the role of advanced security in the connected world and how Infineon enables customers to protect products with tailor-made security. 

Ease-of-use ecosystem for AURIX

AURIX microcontrollers from Infineon have become a popular choice for many safety-critical applications also beyond cars. At embedded world 2020, Infineon launches the latest generation (TC3xx) into the broad market. In order to facilitate a quick and efficient design implementation, the chipmaker has created the AURIX Development Studio, a free toolkit for software development and testing. 

In addition, Infineon offers extensive hardware and software support, ranging from low-cost entry-level kits and evaluation boards to quick trainings and the recently launched AURIX forum where developers help each other to find solutions. A number of application kits facilitate a quick start for applications such as gateway, motor control, radar, or wireless charging. 

Comprehensive wireless power solutions 

Together with its partner Spark Connected, Infineon will present a comprehensive roadmap, including reference designs, for inductive and resonant wireless power solutions. They range from low-power solutions for devices such as wearables, toothbrushes or headphones across medium-power levels for smartphones, laptops, or outdoor security cameras to a high-power solution for power tools, robots, and drones, for example. 

The reference designs include the hardware design, bill of materials, PCB layout and all the documentation required to easily integrate wireless charging into a product. 

Keeping drivers safe and sound 

Microelectronics from Infineon are at the heart of future mobility. At embedded world, the chipmaker will showcase a concept for monitoring the health of the driver. The invehicle system uses a 24 GHz radar to monitor the respiration rate and heart rate.

In addition, Infineon will have a comprehensive solution for battery management systems in electric vehicles on display and will present AI-based edge processing of sensor data. 

Powerful and secure drones 

The proliferation of multicopters for multiple applications is a big challenge for air traffic controllers. Critical infrastructures must be protected from misuse: Multicopters have to be specifically certificated and authenticated. To close this security gap, PrimeKey and Infineon have developed an LTE based transmitter-responder solution that enables companies to make full use of multicopters while minimising security risks.

In addition, Infineon will showcase how its portfolio of microcontrollers, power devices and driver ICs add up to pave the way to the next level of speed, precision and flight times for drones. 

Expert speeches 

At the embedded world conference, Infineon will focus on the need for easy-tointegrate security in the IoT age. 

Dr Thomas Poeppelmann from Infineon’s Digital Security Solutions (DSS) division will explore the security challenges deriving from the arrival of quantum computers (25th February, 12pm to 12:30pm). 

Dr Florian Schreiner, also from DSS, will discuss the application of TPM 2.0 in industrial and automotive systems (25th February, 2:30pm to 3pm and 26th February, 2pm to 2:30pm). 

This year’s embedded world trade fair will take place from 25th to 27th February in Nuremberg, Germany. Infineon will show its products and solutions in hall 3A, booth 225.

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