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11th September 2018
Lanna Cooper

Industrial companies worldwide are digitising their operations to improve their competitiveness. Rockwell Automation is continually strengthening capabilities allowing it to offer the most effective products, software, solutions and support for OEM and end-user customers facing the demands of modern Industry 4.0-driven manufacturing practices.

Its Connected Enterprise approach - coupled to digital transformations that empower converged IT and OT networks - delivers a fully connected, data-rich operating environment that helps customers design, configure and deploy advanced, connected automation, process, motion and safety solutions - from the device to the enterprise level.

To help manufacturing professionals along their digital journey, Rockwell Automation will host its second annual EMEA technical education and user conference 8th-11th October in Egmond aan Zee (Amsterdam), The Netherlands.

“Every day we are working with our customers to help integrate production technology in the physical world into an interconnected, digital network,” explained Blake Moret, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rockwell Automation. “We do this because digitising operations offers unprecedented opportunities for companies to boost production goals.

“Our entire strategy is about bringing The Connected Enterprise to life in order to integrate information across the enterprise and to help companies and their people become more productive. By integrating real time control and visualisation with information systems, we can help drive another order of magnitude of productivity.”

Rockwell Automation is committed to delivering training to help its customers to implement their Connected Enterprise and to extract the best possible data, value and capabilities from them.

The Rockwell Automation TechED EMEA event, which was a huge success last year, allows attendees to learn about the latest techniques and technologies to maximise their manufacturing and production operations, while earning professional development hours.

Moret continued: “Our TechED event is designed to help our customers chart a path forward by hearing examples from real applications, discussing emerging trends and participating in training on our latest technologies and solutions.”

TechED EMEA is a three-day event and will offer visitors a choice of more than 150 sessions, training labs and discussions, covering a wide range of industry topics, including control, information and analytics, networks, process, safety and security system, market trends, and growth strategy, visualisation (EOI & HMI).

In addition to new product and software offerings, Rockwell Automation will also highlight members of its PartnerNetwork program. These companies will share insights into the challenges faced in today’s dynamic industrial climate. Attendees will also have a chance to network with these partners, other suppliers and senior Rockwell Automation personnel.

The strategy behind the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork is to provide customers with the strongest technological, competitive, and strategic advantages.

To further that goal, the company recently announced a definitive agreement for a strategic partnership with PTC, a technology platform and solutions provider that helps companies design, manufacture, operate and service things for a smart, connected world.

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