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Test instrumentation demonstrated at Automotive Testing Show 2017

4th July 2017
Lanna Cooper


Labcell will be exhibiting and demonstrating its extensive range of engine test instrumentation at the ATS Show. The company manufactures, supplies and supports instrumentation for dynamometer and in-vehicle applications requiring measurement and analysis of blow-by, air intake flow rate, %EGR, Lambda, NOx, NH3, %O2 and air/fuel ratio.

Highlighted on the booth will be the latest instruments from ECM, with solid-state, exhaust-mounted sensors and output options that enable readings to be displayed numerically and/or data to be output via CAN or analogue channels.

In addition to static displays, Labcell will have computer-based simulators running so visitors can see various instruments in action with a simulated engine dynamometer and graphical display.

A common requirement in test cells is for the measurement of engine air intake flow. Labcell will therefore be showcasing the latest Meriam Laminar Flow Elements that can be equipped for 0-5VDC analogue outputs, RS-232 serial data or a CAN-compatible digital output. The optional MDT500 Multivariable Digital Transmitter considerably improves the acquisition of engine air intake flow data by simultaneously measuring differential pressure, line pressure and temperature.

Another instrument that will be of interest to many visitors is the M400MR multi-range Blow-by meter. This compact, versatile instrument uses solid-state technology to measure, indicate and transmit values of Blow-by with a flow range capability of 4-400 LPM.

CSM Mini-modules will also be on display, including compact temperature modules, analogue-to-digital modules (with CAN and EtherCAT outputs) and the new HV-TH modules that are designed specifically for safe temperature measurements in high voltage environments for both dyno and in-vehicle applications.

Engineers from Labcell will be available at Stand 136 throughout the Automotive Testing Expo to explain the features and benefits of the instruments and discuss specific applications.

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