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TE Connectivity’s e-mobility portfolio at the Battery Show 2024 - Europe

14th June 2024
Sheryl Miles

In the ever-changing, fast-paced automotive industry, the power of connections is more critical than ever.

Engineers are under constant pressure to enhance the overall driving experience, while at the same time adapting designs to changing vehicle architectures and vehicle platforms, and addressing consumer demand for lighter, smaller, faster, and safer vehicles.

TE Connectivity, a global specialist in connectivity and sensors, is at the forefront of e-mobility advancements, offering one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive portfolios of high-performance data, signal, and power connectivity solutions for the automotive industry. Paired with engineering expertise, global manufacturing, personalised sales support, and an excellent speed-to-market distribution network, TE aligns with automakers and their suppliers to help them navigate the complexities of automotive connectivity with comprehensive solutions that help drive progress forward.

TE’s team of highly skilled engineering and product experts will be on site at The Battery Show – Europe 2024 in Messe Stuttgart, Germany, from 18–20 June in stand #4-A50 in Hall 4 to showcase their portfolio, including the following new products:

  • AMP+ ACI 800 adaptive charging inlets – As technologies and battery capacities improve, the ability to handle higher amperages becomes increasingly important to maintain compatibility. TE now offers a plug-in-ready, safe and reliable family of charging inlets that transfers up to 1,000 amperes at 1,000 volts DC, achieving ultra-high-power (“Boost”) charging speeds. The company’s newest inlets are fully serviceable, easy to install, and offer modular, connectorised AC and DC flexibility. With the ACI 800 Adaptive Charging Inlet, EV drivers benefit from faster charging times, enhanced convenience, improved efficiency, and support for larger battery packs that deliver greater range. For automakers and their suppliers, the ACI 800 offers a higher degree of optimisation, compared with other inlets. This enables more production capacity and requires less time for assembly, which helps to reduce costs.
  • HVCSJI interconnection system for EV drivetrains – The HVCSJI Interconnection System is a suite of high-performance drivetrain connectors with scalable terminals that support crimped or welded terminations and is compatible with both copper and aluminium cables. HVCSJI is highly customisable, offering a wide array of angular configurations and busbar outputs that can support an automaker’s complex design requirements.
  • AMP+ bolted interconnection system – The AMP+ Bolted connector solution is a serviceable, screw-down connector solution that delivers increased vibration resistance for EV main drivetrain circuits. It provides a highly robust connection, via copper or aluminium busbars, to deliver electricity between an EV’s battery and its e-motor, or from the charging inlet’s DC connection into the battery. Bolt-down systems require fewer moving parts, compared with lever-based systems, reducing the potential for mechanical failures and increasing the longevity of the connection system.
  • EVC “EVO” high-voltage contactors for battery system protection – Leveraging TE’s vast experience in non-pressurised high-voltage contactors, the new EVC “EVO” series represents the company’s next-generation battery protection solution. These contactors are ideal for 500-volt and 1,000-volt EV architectures, offering improved short circuit capabilities and increased breakability. TE pioneered the non-pressurised automotive contactor, which delivers superior safety and reliability compared with legacy, nitrogen-filled contactors. Non-pressurised contactors are made with low-carbon-footprint materials. Bidirectional switching and reduced contact resistance result in lower energy demand. TE will also showcase a prototype for a “smart” contactor that offers management system electronics.
  • BCON+ interconnection system – With EV battery architectures and chemistries in a constant state of evolution, it’s important to provide reliable intra-battery-pack connectivity robustness. BCON+ interconnection system is TE’s solution for full-system battery connectivity, offering a bolted, touch-protected solution for interconnecting battery modules, battery disconnect units, and control boxes, and other applications beyond the EV’s battery pack. Bolted systems provide a more secure and stable electrical connection, reducing the risk of loosening due to vibration or impact. The touch-safe design enhances safety by minimising the risk of accidental contact with live electrical components, protecting service technicians and users from potential electric shocks.
  • AMP+ charging inlet actuators – Actuators enhance the convenience, safety, and efficiency of electric vehicle charging. They automate the process of connecting and disconnecting the charging cable, enabling a secure and consistent connection and helping minimise the risk of improper engagement that can lead to inefficient charging or electrical hazards. This results in a smoother, more reliable charging experience for drivers. Actuators can extend the lifespan of the vehicle’s battery and the charging infrastructure equipment.

TE will also display:

  • TE’s full e-mobility connectivity portfolio for electric and hybrid passenger cars
  • Select items from TE’s HIVONEX connection and charging solutions portfolio for industrial and commercial vehicles
  • Low-voltage EV battery management system connector solutions
  • Connected car and data connectivity solutions
  • High-powered charging path solutions, including an on-site review of TE’s new NACS charging inlet
  • High-voltage interconnection systems for EV drivetrains and auxiliary systems
  • Transportation and automotive sensors designed for electric and hybrid vehicles

The following subject matter experts will be available to discuss the above solutions:

Qiong Sun, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive E-mobility: Qiong Sun is responsible for TE’s E-mobility business and oversees the product portfolio, business plan, technology strategy, and future solutions. Sun can speak specifically to the current trends in the electric vehicle industry, the challenges facing OEMs, and suppliers, and the solutions available to overcome these challenges and meet automakers’ connectivity needs.

Yves Braem, Senior Director and CTO, Automotive E-mobility: Yves Braem is Senior Director and CTO of TE’s E-mobility product engineering. He is tasked with accelerating TE’s technology leadership and engineering efficiency. Braem excels at working with cross-functional, cross-regional teams and has helped shape TE’s next-generation product development while keeping customer requirements in sharp focus. He has been with TE for 24 years, working in various engineering roles across several business units.

TE invites 2024 Battery Show – Europe attendees and the media to join the following 15-minute live presentations:

Tuesday, 18 June

10:00 – Megawatt charging systems for industrial and commercial EVs (location: TE stand)

12:00 – EV battery safety and protection (location: TE stand)

14:00 – EV and hybrid market drivers and technology trends (location: TE stand)

16:00 – Drivetrain and auxiliary systems interconnectivity (location: TE stand)

Wednesday, 19 June

10:00 – Battery interconnectivity: cells, modules and more (location: TE stand)

10:30 – HV contactor systems for tomorrow’s EV batteries (location: Open Tech Forum)

12:00 – HVCSJI and HC-STAK interconnection system for EV drivetrains (location: TE stand)

14:00 – Powertube: battle-hardened solutions for commercial EVs (location: TE stand)

Thursday, 20 June

10:00 – Charging path solutions (location: TE stand)


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