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Symposium dedicated to low emission aircraft lands in Cologne

28th October 2019
Lanna Cooper


Now in its fifth year, Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium has established itself as an event for high-level aerospace engineers, designers, research academics, propulsion engineers, aircraft manufacturers, heads of electrical system design and engineering, and anyone working on developing the future of aircraft technology.

At this year’s event, which will be staged on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th November at Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany, more than 45 expert speakers - including spokespeople from CleanSky2, the European Commission, FAA, GE, GKN Aerospace, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce - will present their views and current findings to delegates from around the world.

The Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium papers will focus on a variety of topics, including: the possibilities created by aircraft hybridisation; commercial aircraft application possibilities and research; battery technologies; environmental impact; solar possibilities; the possibilities of pure electric-only commercial and military flight; safety and legislative considerations; and best design practices.

Rolls-Royce’s ACCEL Technical Manager Matheu Parr, for instance, will provide insight into the ACCEL project and how it seeks to pioneer a third wave of aviation through a highly specialised goal of building the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft. Evgeni Ganev, Chief Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace USA, will deliver a presentation that discusses the challenging propulsion needs of electric drive systems applicable to electric and hybrid aircraft.

As part of this presentation, Evgeni will reveal the results from recent trade studies. As well as the packed schedule of presentations, the first day of the symposium will close with a thought-provoking panel discussion, entitled: ‘Identifying the major hurdles on the path to all-electric flight’. This panel discussion will tackle the task of identifying the major technical developments necessary to move along the path to all-electric flight.

Reviewing the priorities and assessing the progress toward each, the discussion will give attendees the opportunity to add their own perspectives on priorities and progress to those of the expert panel.

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