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Syensqo to showcase materials portfolio designed for electric mobility

18th June 2024
Paige West

Syensqo, formerly part of the Solvay group, will showcase its solutions for clean mobility at The Battery Show Europe 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany, from 18th to 20th June.

As a player in the transportation industry, Syensqo offers a portfolio of advanced materials that enable cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient mobility. The company’s focus on battery materials and green hydrogen platforms is designed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

At the Battery Show, Syensqo will launch its new PVDF grade, Solef ZA830. This latest addition to the company's PVDF grades is designed for batteries using high nickel cathode active materials, providing quality cathode adhesion and processability. Solef ZA830 is commercially available worldwide.

“We’re excited to launch our new Solef ZA830 PVDF at this year’s The Battery Show,” said Maurizio Gastaldi, Battery Materials Growth Platform Director. “This new grade is designed to meet the needs of our customers by enabling higher production speeds and lower processing costs. Compatible with a wide range of active battery materials, it helps to increase battery cycle life and energy density, delivering long-term performance even while operating at high voltage.”

In addition to PVDF, Syensqo provides a range of advanced materials and technologies for both current and next-generation electric vehicle batteries, battery packs, e-motors, and power electronics. It also offers solutions to expedite the transition to a green hydrogen economy.

Visitors to The Battery Show 2024 will have the opportunity to learn more about Syensqo’s range of solutions for the following electric vehicle applications:

  • Battery cell: Syensqo’s high-performance fluoropolymers for cell gaskets improve battery longevity and sealing properties as Li-ion technology advances
  • Advanced Li-ion batteries: Solef PVDF for cathode binders and separator coatings; Energain and LiFSI for electrolyte formulations; Solgain technology for dry cathodes.
  • Next-generation solid-state batteries: sulphides for solid electrolytes and specialty binders for electrodes
  • Battery pack: Syensqo's solutions are designed to ensure safety in fast-charging batteries with higher energy and power density, addressing challenges in module and pack design
  • Battery recycling: with 100 years of expertise in metal extraction, Syensqo enables a circular value chain focused on reusing essential metals, such as lithium, in batteries, aligning with their commitment to maximising the use of recycled materials
  • E-motors: Syensqo offers a variety of high-performance polymers that retain their electrical and mechanical properties under extreme conditions, including high voltage, elevated temperatures, and corrosive environments
  • Power electronics: Syensqo’s V0-rated, halogen-free, high-performance polymers have superior electrical properties, enhancing the safety of components designed to withstand prolonged, elevated temperatures
  • Green hydrogen: Syensqo provides material solutions across the entire green hydrogen value chain, from production to usage, to help advance the development of a green hydrogen economy

To learn more, visit Syensqo at Booth C40 in Hall 9 at The Battery Show Europe from 18th to 20th June 2024.

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