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Swissbit to exhibit flash memory & storage at embedded world

6th January 2016
Nat Bowers

Swissbit will be exhibiting a number of new products at embedded world that address the needs of industrial, automotive and networking/ communications applications. Items highlighted will include SD and microSD cards, embedded USB modules and SSDs. The event will also signify the first appearance of Swissbit’s durabit range, which delivers an unprecedented combination of performance and endurance in MLC NAND flash based memory and storage products.

The S-450 and S-450u series SD and Micro SD memory cards combine SLC flash components with a powerful system architecture and intelligent firmware to deliver top performance for highly demanding applications while maintaining high reliability and robustness. Swissbit has added the durabit S-45 and S-45u SD memory cards for cost sensitive applications that still require high reliability. The firmware used in the controller of the durabit SD memory card devices increases performance and endurance up to 100 times in comparison to other existing solutions.

X-60m, X-60s, X-60m.2 and F-60 SSDs from the durabit range will also be featured at embedded world. The SSDs in mSATA, SATA Slim, CFast and m.2 form factors offer exceptional performance, achieving sequential read/write speeds of up to 520MB/s and 405MB/s, respectively. Industrial applications with a need for random read/write performance will enjoy an impressive data rate up to 76,000IOPS for transfer sizes of 4kB and queue depths of 32.

Also on display will be the newly introduced U-400 series embedded USB module (eUSB flash module). The U-400 has been designed to achieve maximum data retention, power fail safety, lifetime monitoring and endurance while still maintaining compatibility with existing applications. Key to this endurance is the utilisation of the latest-gen SLC flash with an advanced USB controller. On top of this, sophisticated firmware routines eliminate read disturb effects that are common in applications that are mainly reading data over a long lifetime.

Experts will be available at the Swissbit booth to explain the benefits of the products in more detail and there will be Swissbit presentations on flash data care management and security features at the Exhibitors Forum.

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