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SPS trade fair returns for 2022

30th September 2022
Kiera Sowery

STEGO will be presenting its enclosure heater with a novel loop design at this year's SPS in Nuremberg. STEGO's showcase for the return of the SPS trade fair also features an update to the KTO/KTS control cabinet thermostats and new smart sensors.

With the new LPS and LTS product series, STEGO is giving an update to its PTC-based convection heaters with capacities of between 10 and 150 W. The cooler bodies in the new loop profile design absorb the heating capacity of the PTC elements better and ensure a higher stability of the device against vibration. This means the LTS series of heaters is able to comply with the standards for mobile railway applications (DIN EN 60068-2-27:2010-02 and DIN EN 60068-2:64:2009-04). STEGO consistently uses push-in terminals for electrical contacts in the LPS and LTS series. Easily accessible on the front of the devices, the push-in terminals provide time savings of up to 50% by allowing for tool-free insertion of the cables. The terminals exert constant pressure on the supply lines, which provides added security even when transporting pre-assembled control cabinets, for example. You therefore do not need to worry about the connecting cables coming loose and resulting short circuits

New designs for KTO/KTS bimetal thermostats

With the launch of the new editions of the KTO/KTS, STEGO has taken the opportunity to fine-tune its mechanical thermostats to better meet the needs of control cabinet construction in practice. The thermostats are designed as two-point regulators with a thermobimetal sensor element. The KTO 111 is a contact breaker (NC) for controlling heaters. The KTS 111 is a contact maker (NO) for controlling filter fans, heat exchangers, coolers and switching signal devices. Push-in terminals are used for making electrical contact. They ensure that connecting the power cables is safe, tool-free and fast. Users can expect a reduction in installation time of up to 50%. STEGO engineers have also optimised the housing design so that the thermostat now literally has more air. Larger air vents in the main unit, which tapers towards the back, make for an optimised air inlet and thus improve the way the thermostat responds to changes in temperature.

DSS 015 Distance Smart Sensor monitors distances using ultrasound

The newly developed DSS 015 Distance Smart Sensor measures the distance of objects using the time of flight (ToF) of ultrasound waves. The DSS 015 Distance Smart Sensor is designed for monitoring distances or fill levels in industrial applications. The DSS 015 can even detect transparent objects such as glass, films and fluids. It is also unaffected by changing light conditions, and easy to connect to higher-level control systems (e.g. SPS) via its IO-Link interface.

The STEGO Sensor Hub and its sensors

STEGO is expanding its range of sensors for industrial applications that use IO-Link. With the SHC 071 Sensor Hub, the company from Schwäbisch Hall offers a cost-effective interface through which STEGO sensors can easily be connected to IO-Link installations. The SHC 071 Sensor Hub records measuring data on the process level from up to four external, non-IO-Link-capable STEGO sensors and transmits the data via the IO-Link Master to higher-level control units such as Edge computers, the cloud, SPS control etc. The Sensor Hub can be used to connect up to four external STEGO sensors while using only one port on the IO-Link Master, saving the IO-Link Master’s connection capacity. The number of connected sensors and the allocation of sockets can be freely chosen by the user. Sensors from the SEN 073 series are available for the Sensor Hub. The sensors are pre-calibrated and are easy to connect to the Sensor Hub using a plug. Clustering IO-Link functionality in the Sensor Hub allows the sensors to take on a compact form factor. Sensors in the SEN 073 series can be used to record data in the following fields of application: temperature and relative humidity, temperature and absolute air pressure, visible light, illuminance and VOC.

SPS trade fair reboot – meet STEGO in Nuremberg

Normality has returned – in-person trade fairs such as SPS are currently undergoing a revival. Personal interaction between suppliers and potential clients is still in demand in the age of digitalisation. Experts from STEGO will rub shoulders with visitors at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg from 8 to 10 November, sharing knowledge and advice about the thermal management of control cabinets. The STEGO product range for the areas of heating, cooling, regulating, measuring and lighting will be exhibited at stand 207 in hall 3. STEGO CONNECT – the simple IIoT platform for condition monitoring inside industrial installations using IO-Link technology will be exhibited in hall 6 at stand 150H.

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