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Solutions for industry and automotive at embedded world

22nd February 2019
Alex Lynn

The German value-added distributor, DACOM West, will present a selected product portfolio of established manufacturers from the core areas Sense, Store and Connect (Booth 1-670, Hall 1) at embedded world in Nuremberg. The focus will be on the new Time of Flight (ToF) sensors and cameras for industrial and automotive applications from Melexis and BECOM Systems.

From 26th to 28th February, trade visitors will have the opportunity to inform themselves about the various manufacturers and products at the DACOM West stand and to exchange ideas with the experts on site.

Due to the constantly increasing degree of automation in areas such as robotics, logistics and safety, the demand for high-performance industrial and automotive solutions for the autonomous detection of obstacles, positions, objects or persons is also growing. In this context, technologies such as ToF are becoming increasingly important. ToF sensors make it possible to detect the environment three-dimensionally. By means of light pulses and measurement of the light propagation time, a sensor simultaneously determines up to 100,000 distance values.

Sensor technology: ToF technologies
The Austrian electronics service provider BECOM Systems offers 3D cameras for a wide range of applications. The Argos3D-P330 is one of the most powerful ToF cameras in the world. It is particularly suitable for logistics, medicine and automation as well as for industrial applications.

With the MLX75024 AEQC-100, the microelectronics manufacturer Melexis has developed certified ToF sensors with QVGA resolution that feature DepthSense pixel technology. In addition to the sensor solutions, DACOM West will show other products from the Store and Connect segments. 

Storage solutions and network technology 
At the distributor's booth, interested parties can inform themselves about the MLC flash memory solutions of the 240 series from Cactus Technologies and about the U9 USB 3.1 flash controller from Hyperstone. The products are ideally suited for industrial use due to their fast access times and high durability. DACOM West will also be presenting network components such as Davicom's low cost Single PHY transceiver, Celenos 8T8R WiFi-6 chip and MU-MIMO modules as well as 802.15.4 compatible low power transceivers and modules from Ubec. 

"DACOM West is focusing on different growth and key markets when selecting products, with the aim of offering companies suitable solutions that precisely address their requirements," said Tristan Friend, Managing Director of DACOM West. "At Embedded World, visitors will get an insight into new products and trends in the industry. At our booth, they can see the various products from our core areas Sense, Store and Connect up close and get information directly from the manufacturer."

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