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Self-powered wireless tech is key for smart buildings

20th July 2018
Enaie Azambuja

To enhance the energy performance of buildings and to drive digital transition in buildings forward, the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) officially launched their 'Ready2Services' initiative in June 2018. The 'Ready2Services' concept aims to evaluate the ability of buildings for multiple services, awarding buildings with a certain certification level whilst also creating the basis for implementing new service models. Self-powered wireless sensor solutions are a key component of this initiative.

These maintenance-free solutions collect reliable data and can be flexibly expanded at any time, therefore further supporting the digitalisation of buildings and enabling the implementation of innovative services.

As interoperability and open standards are playing an essential role in the digitalisation of buildings, the EnOcean Alliance with its broad ecosystem of interoperable devices using the EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X) is an element of the 'Ready2Services' initiative.

The 'Ready2Services' approach will be presented at the Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities (5th to 6th September, 2018, Lyon, France) hosted by SBA, EnOcean Alliance and French association for integrators FFD.

More and more companies in the housing industry are already laying the foundation for digital functions in their buildings. A basic network can serve as a foundation for additional smart functions. At the same time, new service models can be derived.

To drive digital transition in buildings forward, the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) in cooperation with Certivéa, a French certification body, presented the Ready2Services (R2S) label in Paris on June 26th.

This new concept aims to evaluate the ability of buildings for multiple services. The Ready2Services approach is based on three layers including equipment and interfaces such as sensors; a network infrastructure such as gateways as well as services and applications e.g. cloud solutions. Each layer itself should be replaceable, therefore providing multi-vendor interoperability.

The certification process can be carried out in a real estate program during its design, implementation or operation phase. Depending on the rating, the project wins one of four certification levels, ranging from 'base' to 'three stars'.

Twelve buildings have already successfully received this certificate including BNP Paribas Real Estate, Ivanhoé Cambridge and Allianz Real Estate.

Additionally, the Bouygues Construction building was successfully awarded certification, including self-powered wireless solutions using the EnOcean wireless standard, demonstrating that maintenance-free solutions on the EnOcean wireless standard are a perfect fit for the Ready2Service concept.

Building operators can now offer new automated service options to their tenants, for example in the form of an energy flat rate or payments according to the room temperature level per square meter of heated area.

Here, the service provider provides the smart infrastructure in various packages e.g. security and refinances the investment, for example, by the energy savings achieved. Tenants benefit from more safety and comfort as well as increased flexibility and cost savings.

Networked devices form the basis of the Internet of Things. They process large volumes of sensor data to make our everyday lives easier, safer and more comfortable.

EnOcean´s self-powered wireless sensors are the eyes and ears of the IoT, as they collect the required data to operate large numbers of IoT devices efficiently, without any need of a battery. EnOcean products use the energy harvesting principle, in which energy is obtained from the surroundings, to supply self-powered wireless sensor networks.

Self-powered wireless switches and sensors for maintenance-free applications optimised for building automation play a key role for supporting the digitalisation of buildings and enabling innovative services by providing reliable sensor data.

Only maintenance-free and flexible solutions, which can be adjusted or expanded as needed, can provide the basis for implementing various service models.

These self-powered wireless solutions are based on the EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X) introduced by the EnOcean Alliance on the sub 1GHz band, which has proven to be a resounding success in building automation and smart homes, due to its high reliability and a radio range of up to 30m.

In conjunction with intelligent IoT systems self-powered sensor solutions help optimise the utilisation of buildings, create new service models and make buildings more flexible, more energy-efficient and altogether more cost-effective.

“The EnOcean Alliance is a pioneer in providing energy-efficient solutions and supporting the transition of smart to cognitive buildings. We offer a proven ecosystem of self-powered wireless sensors and field-proven solutions for every layer of the Ready2Services concept, providing maintenance-free solutions for decades.

Therefore, the EnOcean self-powered wireless standard is the perfect fit for the Ready2Services standard for smart buildings”, says Graham Martin, CEO and Chairman, EnOcean Alliance.

“Interoperability, open standards and flexibility are the basis for enabling innovative new services. The EnOcean wireless standard perfectly meets these key requirements, therefore being fully in line with the Ready2Services concept."

"As soon as the IT infrastructure is available, new services can be offered by simply adding additional sensors. These sensors need to be maintenance-free, not requiring any cables or batteries. That´s where the strength of energy harvesting technology comes in, providing maintenance-free 'fit and forget' solutions”, explains Emmanuel Francois, President of Smart Buildings Alliance.

The first major post-launch event to showcase the Ready2Services initiative is the Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities in Lyon, France, organised by Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA), EnOcean Alliance and FFD.

The event provides an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about smart buildings in sustainable cities, including well-known exhibitors and representatives of the smart building and smart city area.

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