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Rosenberger Fiber Optic at OFC 2024

19th February 2024
Harry Fowle

Rosenberger Fiber Optic is gearing up for its debut at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego from March 26 to 28, 2024.

Rosenberger’s Booth 4943 will serve as a collaboration stage, highlighting the innovative capabilities of all Rosenberger's global fibre optic companies.

“As a full-service provider, Rosenberger Fiber Optic offers comprehensive expertise and dedicated support in the planning, implementation and maintenance of customer network infrastructures. Each company in the Rosenberger Group addresses the specific needs of local markets while contributing to the collective strength. With this unified approach, the company establishes itself as a global partner for fibre-based products, solutions, and services, ensuring a seamless collaboration that meets the expectations of customers worldwide," says Thomas Schmidt, CEO of Rosenberger OSI.

Comprehensive solutions for high-performance applications

Cloud providers, hyperscale, colocation and enterprise data centres are faced with the challenge of always offering state-of-the-art technology and scalability while ensuring compliance with standards. Rosenberger meets these challenges with reliable services, consistent quality and high-performance, high-density solutions, ranging from infrastructure solutions to data centre connections for the entire data link and distribution cabinets.

The rapidly increasing demand for high-speed data transmission in global mobile networks emphasises the importance of choosing the right connectivity products and solutions. Rosenberger is committed to pioneering FTTA and FTTH solutions through innovation and continuous product development, ensuring optimal network performance and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Setting benchmarks with innovation

With the continuous development of its comprehensive fibre optic portfolio, Rosenberger Fiber Optic covers all application areas and sets standards with pioneering technologies and extensive know-how to deliver innovative and future-proof products. At OFC, the company will be presenting a highly innovative cabling solution for the first time, including Very Small Form Factor Connectors (VSFF).

The new Tiny Duplex Ceramic Ferrule Push-Pull Connectors, which support next-generation OSFP and QSFP-DD transceivers (400/800G, 1.6TB and beyond), are ideal for spine-leaf architectures and enable direct duplex port breakout to transceiver and patch panel interfaces.

United strengths, global solutions

Rosenberger Fiber Optic provides customised support for data centres, industry and the telecommunications market to improve the resilience, efficiency and scalability of network infrastructure and prepare it for future challenges. As a global manufacturer of fibre optic solutions, Rosenberger has long recognised the importance of the ever-advancing development of fibre optic networks and develops the best components for customised solutions, attuned to the latest market technologies and to regional costumer requirements. The aim is to create an advanced infrastructure that facilitates the deployment of new applications while minimising cost increases.

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