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RF/Microwave solutions to be showcased by AXV at IMS 2017

5th June 2017
Lanna Cooper


AVX Corporation will be showcasing its vast portfolio of high performance RF and microwave solutions at this year’s IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2017), which is taking place this week, 4th-9th June, in Honolulu.

Exhibiting at Booths 1212 and 1311, AVX Fellow, Ron Demcko, Thin Film Marketing Director, Leonid Talalaevsky, and Worldwide Business Manager for RF/Microwave Ceramics and MLO, Edgardo Menendez, are introducing attendees to products including: high power resistors, attenuators, terminations, and capacitors, wire bond resistors, and high performance low pass, band pass, and high pass thin film and multilayer organic (MLO) filters. Frequency capabilities for the portfolio extend from the kilohertz range to 100GHz and power capabilities extend up to hundreds of watts, enabling employment in a variety of commercial, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, telecommunications, optical, space, and military applications with environmental conditions ranging from harsh to benign.

AVX personnel are also demonstrating circuit protection devices for RF and high speed digital circuits at the booth, as well as a ham radio dummy load kit containing two high-power, 50Ω, 25, 60, 75, or 100W terminations and one solder panel/chassis mount connector with an SO239 jack and PL259 plug. A limited number of complimentary dummy load kits are available for ham radio enthusiasts, and will be provided along with a brochure containing specifications for the termination parameters, mounting and assembly tips, and information about how to optimise heat flow across the terminations’ hot side to create a substrate.

“Although we’re perhaps best known for our capacitors, inductors, and filters, AVX offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art resistors, terminators, attenuators, diplexers, triplexers, equalizers, couplers, and power dividers all designed to provide peak performance in RF and microwave applications across a multitude of markets. So, we’re excited for the opportunity to demonstrate some of these products and their capabilities at IMS this week,” said Ron Demcko, AVX Fellow.

Recent product introductions that are also being promoted at the event include:

  • WBR Series: Thin film, top-contact, bottom-isolated, rugged wire bond resistors with small 0202 (0.02”x0.02”) chip outlines and extremely tight dimensional tolerances (±0.003”). 
  • MS Series: Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) single-layer capacitors for applications in the RF, microwave, and gigahertz ranges (DC to 20GHz operation). 
  • GiGuard Series: Bidirectional ESD suppression diodes that combine the latest in Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) technology with miniature, leadless, and low profile 0201 and 0402 packaging designs to deliver ESD protection in high speed data and communication circuits. 
  • LP Series: Miniature, 15W, high performance, low pass Integrated Thin Film (ITF) SMD filters that exhibit low insertion loss and extremely sharp attenuation in high frequency wireless applications spanning 512MHz to 1,800MHz.  
  • HF Series: MLO high pass filters that utilise high dielectric constant and low loss materials to help engineers integrate high Q passive elements, such as inductors and capacitors, in multilayer stacks with land grid array surface mount packaging that’s expansion-matched to most organic printed circuit board materials, providing improved reliability over standard silicon and ceramic devices. 

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