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Range of next-gen automotive technology unveiled at JSAE

28th May 2019
Lanna Cooper


From hydrogen fuel cells through to electric superchargers, hybrid powertrains and automated eCall systems, a host of innovative, UK-developed technologies were on display later at Japan’s largest and most important automotive technology event, JSAE.

With vehicle manufacturers continuing to look for increasingly ingenious solutions to tomorrow’s transport challenges, the technologies on show will help them overcome these obstacles by creating lighter vehicles, reducing emissions, accelerating development times and slashing development costs.

“The UK Pavilion at this year’s JSAE was the largest we have ever assembled and demonstrated the strength of the research, development and innovation taking place across the UK,” commented Ian Constance, CEO, Advanced Propulsion Centre.

"The ongoing pursuit of low carbon propulsion technologies requires an environment where innovation and new-thinking thrive and we’ve successfully created such an ecosystem in the UK. The companies taking part at JSAE personify this ethos and spirit of innovation, and demonstrate why Britain remains a great place to do business.”

In total 21 companies participated in the UK pavilion, the largest ever delegation amassed for an international event by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC).

Among the pioneering technologies on display were:

  • An electric supercharger (eSupercharger) for combustion engines that helps deliver a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions and an electric compressor (eCompressor) for hydrogen fuel cells from Aeristech that will help OEMs overcome future emission targets
  • A new prototyping and testing service from Dontyne Gears that will enable project work, including gear design for electric vehicles, to be completed more rapidly than ever before
  • The IMR Sentinel from IMR Technologies which can automatically make an eCall to the emergency services in the event of an incident or when vehicle sensors register a collision
  • A range of hydrogen fuel cells from Intelligent Energy that provide power densities
  • MAGSPLIT, a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT), from Magnomatics that combines engine power with an electrical boost system to provide a simple yet highly efficient hybrid powertrain for cars, buses and trucks
  • A novel easy-to-change sealed oil cell from Nexcel, designed for flexible installation anywhere in a vehicle’s engine bay via a docking station, that delivers CO2 reductions of 2g/km.

In addition to the technologies on display, visitors to the congress were able to hear technical presentations from 13 UK companies who were taking part in the UK automotive Forum covering a wide range of subjects such as the development of new 48V battery design, the development of a manufacturing process for large format solid state cells, how hydrogen fuel cells can integrated into heavy duty vehicles and how data driven decisions can support fleet and infrastructure operators in an uncertain world.

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