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Range of high reliability passive components at electronica

14th November 2016
Alice Matthews

Multiple ranges of high reliability passive components for harsh and high-end applications were exhibited by Exxelia at electronica, the biggest global trade fair for electronic components in Munich, Germany. 

Felsic HV, long lifetime and high voltage screw terminal
The Felsic HV family of aluminum electrolytic screw terminal capacitors provides improved performances in energy density and long lifetime. For example, products can withstand 8,000 hours at 105°C under high values of current which makes them a suitable choice to overcome railway constraints. According to Exxelia, the family also has one of the lowest ESR for aluminum capacitors, less than 10m0hms in most cases. Products are available for voltages from 160-45VDC, and offer capacitance values from 1,500-47,000μF. Thus the family is a good compromise between reliability and compacity, with for example 47,000μF at 160V in a 90x200mm volume.

Cost-effective common-mode chokes qualified for aerospace
Designed and qualified for aerospace, the TCM series is available in a through-hole package for horizontal and vertical mounting. TCM common-mode chokes are offered with inductances from 0.7-47mH under rated currents from 0.3-4A, and thoroughly tested by a dielectric withstanding strength at 1500VAC. Their thermal properties allow the TCMs to operate without a hitch from -55 to 125°C, which, combined to the high mechanical resistance of the chosen materials (all meeting to UL94 V0 rating) make those products a suitable fit for aviation, defense and transportation industries.

Ceramic capacitors based on the C48X dielectric
A range of high voltage ceramic capacitors based on dielectric material C48X, combining most advantages of NPO and X7R dielectrics. Compared to X7R material, C48X dielectric allows to get the same capacitance values under working voltage with the unrivaled advantage of a low dissipation factor (less than 5.10-4). Besides, it can also withstand very high dV/dt, up to 10kV/μs, which makes it useful for pulse and fast charge/discharge applications or firing units. Thus capacitors with C48X dielectric appear to be suited for power applications where heat dissipation may be detrimental to performances and reliability.

Low ESR, high RF power and high self-resonant frequency
The NHB series is a complete range of MLCC based on NPO dielectric material providing a high self resonant frequency and limiting the parasite parallel resonant frequencies. The series is available in 1111 size with capacitance ranging from 0.3-100pF. NHB series offers excellent performance for RF power applications at high temperature up to 175°C and at 500VDC. The lowest ESR is obtained by combining highly conductive metal electrodes and proprietary of NPO low loss rugged dielectrics. NHB series particularly fits for high power and high frequency applications such as cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point to point/multipoint radios and broadcasting equipment.

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