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Products on display at trade fair aim to simplify selective soldering

9th March 2015
Barney Scott

SolderStar has announced that it will highlight a number of products, including its latest advancement in selective soldering, at SMT Hybrid Packaging. The increasing use of microelectronics has ramped up its complexity, and this brings with it manufacturing problems, especially when soldering. SolderStar will exhibit a range of products aiming to simplify the selective soldering process, including the WaveShuttle Selective range.

SolderStar’s Multi-Wave PRO features measurement sensors which are fitted to a customer’s specific location, and corresponds to the soldering areas within the multi-wave solder pot tooling. This technique provides contact time and difference data quickly allowing engineers to identify any problem areas within the tool design. Any differences in nozzle to PCB contact can be easily measured providing a powerful platform for process capability analysis, improvement and on-going testing.

SolderStar APS is a full time system for profiling each and every PCB soldered in a convection reflow oven. Every system is tailored for, and fitted to a customer’s oven so their requirements are met precisely. Special temperature probes are mounted along the heated length on both sides of the machine to monitor actual product level temperatures in real time. In addition to this, the system keeps track of the current speed and position of each assembly in the has recently been re-engineered so the temperature probes are smaller, allowing them to be positioned closer to the PCB. This provides a much more accurate temperature measurement in the vicinity of the electronic assembly during soldering.

The APS system allows 100% checking of temperature profiles, an automatic analysis of the profile, and checking of production parameters against production limits. The computer software tracks the progress of the PCB through the oven allowing for accurate calculation of the profile.

“Consumer electronic goods are still following the trend of increased functionality while physical constraints remain fixed, or in the case of emerging sectors like wearable ‘gadgets’, new manufacturing methods and material are needed for ultra-miniature high technology assemblies. SolderStar solutions are well placed to help with developing the thermal processes for these challenging areas,” said Patrick McWiggin, Technical Director, SolderStar. “Selective soldering is becoming an interesting process and used more and more, especially in industries that use microelectronics. Because of mixed-technology assemblies and the need for high accuracy we have advanced our range of selective soldering applications. The latest and most advanced profiler in the range is the Multi-Wave PRO which was developed to allow dedicated test fixtures to be produced quickly and cost effectively for multi-wave soldering machines. Another innovative development to help in the manufacture of microelectronics is our most advanced solution yet, the SolderStar Automatic Profiling System (APS). This profiles each and every PCB soldered in a convection reflow oven. It is ideal for customers who need complete traceability, the system tracks the profile of every assembly that passes through the oven, a necessity in many industries today. We will be featuring both these systems at the show, along with a range of other thermal profiling equipment, accessories and software, and demonstrate to visitors how they can help in their manufacturing process.” 

SolderStar will occupy stand 516, hall 7 at SMT Hybrid Packaging, in Nuremberg, from 5th to 7th May 2015.

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