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PCB industry set to benefit from reform dividends

15th July 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

National reforms will come to the electronics manufacturing industry in 2015, with concepts like smart production, low carbon green technologies, industry transformation and information safety becoming integral. At the same time, with the launch of the China Manufacturing 2025 strategy, electronics manufacturers are embracing the opportunity to effect comprehensive upgrades. 

The CS Show 2015 also provides an opportunity for China’s electronics manufacturers to closely assess the gap between themselves and global manufacturing leaders. Such a developmental boost offers new momentum for local PCB/FPC/HDI players, as policy dividends provide big promises for the future. The PCB industry is expected to soon recover in a big way.

The Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show 2015 (CS Show 2015), co-organised by Reed Exhibitions, SPCA, TPCA and CCPIT, will take place in Hall 6, Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center from 25th to 27th August. The event parallels the strong momentum of the domestic industry and facilitates steady growth. Dedicated to cutting-edge technologies in electronic communications, consumer electronics and home appliances, as well as smart electronics, automobile electronics, PCB, semiconductors and other emerging sectors, the event plays a big role in boosting industry growth. Under the theme of Innovation Drive, the event will be a top quality platform via which to showcase leading technologies. It will also connect the industry’s upstream and downstream players, as well as industry peers from across the Taiwan Strait and from all over East Asia, with Mainland Chinese electronics manufacturing industry practitioners.

As a key pillar of the electronics industry in the IT age, PCB plays a significant role in the domestic electronics market. Today, PCB is one of the liveliest sectors in electronics manufacturing. As the international market thrives, the Chinese PCB industry is a market leader. Today China has the biggest PCB industry in the world, accounting for 40% of total global market share. This far outstrips Japan, the former global leader. More importantly, the Chinese PCB industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 6% until 2017, reaching a total output value of $29bn. This means the Chinese industry is set to play an even more significant role in the global landscape in the years to come.

Despite these optimistic projections and statistics, high output does not necessarily translate into strong technological positioning. In fact, the Chinese PCB industry lags behind its developed-world counterparts in terms of technological know-how. The Chinese industry is weakened by strong competition from international players, including emerging Asian players. Moreover, China's PCB industry has long focused on the low end of the market, with limited product scope.

High-end PCB capacity is low and lack of technological innovation affects product quality and sophistication. The gap between China and developed countries continues to grow. The PCB industry is calling for more new technologies, products and concepts, in the hope that more companies with strong technology, added value and greater potential will help drive industry transformation. CS Show 2015 is a direct response to deepening industry reform in China. The range of digital smart connected PCB/FPC/HDI products will reflect the strong capacity of Shenzhen as the South China centre of the PCB industry. The event will showcase new technologies and concepts, highlighting the best the industry has to offer.

As the only PCB/FPC procurement-driven event in China, CS Show 2015 will promote trade, as well as the exchange of technological insights. Also, the event will be a good guide for industry development in China. The path ahead may be difficult, although it does have the potential to be smooth. The key is to promote local innovation as the basis for industry growth. Currently, China’s electronics manufacturing industry is transitioning towards smart, compact, lightweight technologies. The next generation of electronics will require high density, green assembly technologies on the part of the PCB industry.

The national policy calls for an overall improvement of electronics manufacturing capacity. To comply, the industry must develop core sectors like integrated circuits, software and emerging components, as well as automobile electronics, industrial electronics, aerospace & defence and smart communications. More requirements will be put on PCB/FPC to meet multi-layer, flexible standards as well as green trends. HDI, flexo boards, IC assembly (BGA and CSP), and other PCB types are key growth areas for the future.

As of now, CS Show 2015 has finalised agreements with multiple leading PCB exhibitors. About 100 leading domestic PCB suppliers have confirmed, including Suntak, Fast Print, Kinwong, Chaohua Tech, Bomin, King Brother, UTPCB and Brain Power. More exhibitors continue to join. Most of the domestic exhibitors will extensively feature original designs and represent a strong force in the market with their top quality products. Local Chinese businesses are determined to play a big role in the emerging electronics markets. They are bound to contribute industry growth in China and to overall competitiveness enhancement in the global market.

CS Show 2015 is about exhibitors and exhibits. The organisers will invite leading experts from industry and academia to exchange with high quality buyers on the topics of industry development, as well as on individual development issues. The many activities will bring together distinguished experts who will contribute sharp insights. The on-going industrial restructuring requires PCB industry players to make the right choice. The rise of the new electronics players puts pressure on the industry to provide the best processes and solutions. CS Show 2015 will offer in-depth discussions on key new topics, including components, systems, applications, and services. The entire spectrum of the industry will benefit from the exchange.

Preparations for the opening ceremony and the 2015 PCB Application Trend Forum are now complete. The forum theme is closely linked to some urgent issues affecting the national industry, such as industry upgrades and restructuring. Strategic high-level discussions are bound to benefit the audience. The specially invited PCB downstream players will share their insights about Chinese industry trends, as well as the outlook for future development momentum. Notably, CS Show 2015 has secured the contribution of Bai Rongsheng, a leading PCB industry expert and senior industry consultant, who will deliver talks and interact with the audience. The lecture and Q&A session will give key insights about the PCB industry and answer questions from the industry. The lecture is sure to be one of the most popular activities of the event.

To complement the exhibition, the organisers are providing a range of engaging activities, including lunches, dinners and golf friendlies. Electronics manufacturers, exhibitors and media personnel, as well as local and international trade industry associations will join the PCB event and network with smart terminal users for in-depth exchange on industry transformation and upgrading. The golf friendlies will provide more networking opportunities for PCB players and customers. During the friendly games, guests can conduct in-depth exchange with upstream and downstream partners and explore potential business opportunities. Such networking is an excellent chance to capitalize on business expansion opportunities.

A successful event requires top quality services. The organisers of CS Show 2015 have launched a pre-registration service where visitors can easily register and obtain event information. All pre-registered visitors will receive an event badge and information package by mail, free of charge. Moreover, they each receive an exclusive gift upon their arrival onsite. Better technologies, more advanced concepts, and bigger markets are all available at CS Show 2015.

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