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Passing through- the quality of filters

28th September 2016
Anna Flockett

The quality of filters plays an important role in many productions and products, from vacuum cleaners to cars, and air conditioning to industrial plants. The principle is the same for every filter: from one side contaminated air is taken in and on the other side the filtered air flows out again– to what degree of quality is a question of defined requirements.

So that filters keep their promises, they must be well glued and ensure a perfect seal. For this, Sonderhoff as system supplier of the filter industry provides mixing and dosing machines as well as material systems for sealing and bonding of filters in different applications.

At the Filtech 2016 the Sonderhoff group of companies will showcase their expertise and products in the field of filter applications. Sonderhoff Chemicals delivers to leading manufacturers of filter systems a wide range of two-component foam gaskets, adhesives and potting compounds, covering the application areas from vacuum cleaner filters to air filters for clean room quality. For this broad spectrum of filters the dispensing machines of Sonderhoff Engineering are used for automatic application of foam sealing or adhesive potting systems. This so called Formed In-Place (Foam) Gasket dosing technology is well established in the filter industry. The two-component reaction materials on the filter parts cure at room temperature and can be further processed quickly.

On the Sonderhoff stand R9 in hall 11.1 it will be demonstrated live how accurate the mixing head of the dispensing cell SMART-Mmoves along the contour of the filter frame while dosing a special gel-like potting compound from the product family Fermadur precisely into the frame groove. The quality requirements are very high for the potting gel used for sealing filter frames in air conditioning systems of hospitals and for chip manufacturing in clean rooms.

The filter frame built into an air conditioning installation is mounted on a frame counterpart with a circumferential edge. The frame edge emerges the potting gel after the tongue and groove principle. The filter seat is thereby hermetically sealed, so that all the air goes through the filter and air pollution cannot pass the filter. For the air-tightness it is essential that when removing the filter frame the immersion point of the frame edge in the potting forms back due to the self-healing effect of the potting.

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