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OMRON takes Zero Defect message to productronica

17th October 2019
Mick Elliott

OMRON will present its Zero-Defect solution for Automotive, as well as flexible robotics solutions for personalised manufacturing at this year’s productronica in Munich (November 12-15). The company will show how the LD mobile robots and Omron TM collaborative robots can connect different production cells, ensuring efficient material flow and production processes, reducing errors and relieving humans from repetitive tasks.

Zero Defect is a process whereby all electrical assemblies and their associated components are individually and comprehensively inspected after they have been manufactured.

In autonomous vehicles and in all the associated systems necessary for autonomous driving, more and more electronic safety components are being integrated. The number of components is becoming more and more extensive, from camera systems, sensor systems and wireless communication interfaces through to intelligent light systems and navigation aids.

OMRON is convinced, that a complete inspection process is needed and developed a variety of unique and highly effective automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide, able to provide a complete automation solution from a single source.

To meet these customer needs in PCB optical and X-ray inspection in the SMT process, OMRON’s solutions guarantee the quality of PCB components and the strength of solder joints.

OMRON’s stand will host demonstrations in the fields of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) AXI (AutomatedX-ray Inspection), and AVI (Automatic Visual Inspection) making the above possible.

Making its debut at productronica will be the 3D-SPI VP-9000 system. It provides a switchover function for multiple optical resolutions, and as a result, it enables highly precise and high speed 3-dimensional inspections.

Also showcased is the powerful VT-X750 system, which utilises high-speed Computed Tomography (3D-CT) for non-destructive testing of the visible and non-visible solder joints. It provides the highest-level inspection quality with detectability only possible with CT.

The 3D reconstruction algorithm of the system also enables full inspection of for example ball grid array (BGA), land grid array (LGA), as well as insertion components.

The VT-M121 AVI-System is, says OMRON, the first ever 2D dimensional and visual inspection machine to detect scratches and cracks on products.

Based on the FH-Vision System and the Multi-Direction Multi-Colour (MDMC) light system, the VT-M121 performs a 100% inspection with a high degree of accuracy as well as a very high cycle time.

With an integrated FH-Vision System, the VT-M121 can also detect slight colour differences or defects. As a result, inspection times can be shortened, as well as the performance of the inspection improved with a repeat accuracy of 10 µm.

The VT-S730-H series reduces inspection time with a new high-speed image processing module that is two times faster than conventional series combined with Omron unique Hybrid SJI for high quality solder joint inspection, while delivering high quality productivity.

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