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NXP showcases i.MX 8 Multisensory experiences at FTF 2016

18th May 2016
Jordan Mulcare

NXP Semiconductors has debuted the potential of secure, vivid and interactive interfaces powered by next gen i.MX 8 applications processors. NXP also introduced a multisensory enablement kit (MEK) based on i.MX 8, a multisensory processor family that promises to transform everyday interactions by advancing multimedia and display interfaces across demanding compute and media-intensive applications.

The i.MX 8 multisensory enablement kit combines the industry’s most scalable applications processor family, high level of system security and exceptional power efficiency. It features system partitioning to make it easier for developers to focus on innovative application software-defined outcomes with hardware-defined security to ensure safety and privacy in various critical applications including connected vehicles, and connected medical or industrial machinery and tools. With the intelligent i.MX 8 architecture, data can be accessible and securely extracted for meaningful information and value to consumers and businesses. 

“The era of supercharged computing is here and offers a lot of potential to transform the way we work, live and play,” said Geoff Lees, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the microcontroller business line, NXP.  “In this new world of GPU-acceleration, consumers can anticipate amazing interactive experiences with machines and connected devices around them. The i.MX 8 architecture gives developers freedom to flex their imaginations and design natural human machine interactions for everyday activities with everything in life.”

i.MX 8 is designed to enhance interactivity using a powerful media engine. It features 4K video and graphics performance that can be implemented in most surfaces or objects that may benefit from virtual or augmented reality-based experiences. The technology opens opportunities to develop human machine interactions like robotic and vision detection, personal drones for family or businesses and wearable devices that can enable scanning for modern industrial automation and efficiency.

The smart i.MX 8 architecture balances consumer accessibility with the highest level of safety and security. Designed from the ground up for advanced security, the architecture features software and hardware platform separation and key fail/recovery options to protect digital personalities and enable engagement with connected, digital interfaces safely and securely.

i.MX 8 drives multisensory advancements for intuitive gesture control, voice recognition, natural speech recognition and audio acceleration. In mission critical applications such as healthcare or industrial implementations such as connected vehicles the i.MX 8 technology configures its experience to match digital personalities. For example, in connected cars, key driving information is configured and presented in multiple displays covering infotainment to instrument clusters and advanced heads-up displays, personalised comfort with configured seats, volume for music and device connectivity can be designed to enhance driving enjoyment and safety.  


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