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Nidec at International Robot Exhibition 2023

20th November 2023
Harry Fowle

Nidec Drive Technology Corporation has announced that it will exhibit its products at International Robot Exhibition (iREX) 2023, held at Tokyo International Exhibition Centre from Wednesday, November 29 – Saturday, December 02, 2023.

The need for industrial robots and their reducers is on the rise globally as businesses try to eliminate labour shortage and improve their productivity and work efficiency. At this upcoming event, under the theme, “Changing Robots’ Future – What Nidec Drive Technology’s Reducers Can Offer” the Company will exhibit its diverse lineup of high-precision reducers, which are robots’ key components.

Nidec Drive Technology’s products to be on exhibit at iREX

  • New precision reducer, KINEX. This precision reducer with planetary gears can provide all axes for robots, and, after being combined with FELXWAVE currently on sale, moves wonderfully for a variety of applications. KINEX comes in two sets of series: The “N” series, which is a group of light and compact solid-axis models; and the “C” series, which comprises hollow-axis models through which a cable or a hose can be inserted.
  • New precision reducer with multiple built-in sensors, Smart-FLEXWAVE. Smart-FLEXWAVE, the precision control reducer with multiple built-in sensors (torque, temperature, and angle), is equipped with Nidec Drive Technology’s film sensor and contributes to making smaller and lighter collaborative robots and introducing IoT to various mechanical equipment.
  • Precision control reducer, FLEXWAVE. With such features as light, compact, high rotation accuracy, and super-low backlash, FLEXWAVE is used in a number of industrial robots’ joints
  • Lineup of high-precision reducers. At the upcoming event, the Company will exhibit its wide lineup of reducers – ranging from planetary gears to wave gears to traction devices to bevel gears to hypoid gears to worm gears – to meet our customers’ needs
  • Planetary reducers: the Able high-precision series (to be exhibited as reference products). With the gears of existing products (the VRB, VRS, and VRT series) improved, these latest models of reducers boast, among other features, better angular transmission accuracy, lower backlash, and reduced noise level than their predecessors.
  • Compact planetary reducers: the VRL-030 series (to be exhibited as reference products). This new model, 65% lighter than VRL-050, an existing Nidec Drive Technology product, is for compact motors with a content of 30W or less.

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