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New ration heating systems to be unveiled at DSEI 2019

9th September 2019
Lanna Cooper


New slimline operational ration heating fuel capsules and stoves that can be packed inside combat survival packs and ration heating kits will been unveiled at DSEI taking place on 10th-13th September, Excel, London).

BCB International, the UK-based manufacturers of the revolutionary FireDragon eco-friendly ration heating fuel which is standard issue in the British Army, have unveiled a lightweight 7g fuel capsule and accompanying folding stoves.

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, said: “Our new FireDragon fuel capsule and flat packed stoves are ideal space and time saving items for a soldier’s combat survival packs and ration kits.

“The 7g capsules are made from aluminium which means they can double as a cooker by simply peeling the lid off and lighting the fuel. The fuel capsules will heat 300ml of water from 10°C to 55°C in under 5 minutes.

“The capsules are supplied with two ingenuously designed survival kit sized folding stoves. The stoves are equipped with adjustable cup support wings and can withstand multiple folds and unfolds.”

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