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Neutrik Group is exhibiting at Engineering Solutions Live

16th March 2023
Sheryl Miles

The Neutrik Group is exhibiting at this year’s Engineering Solutions Live.

The event, taking place on 23 March at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire, is proclaimed as the UK’s ‘one-stop shop for new contacts & thought leadership in the engineering sector’. 

The event encompasses a breadth of engineering design and manufacturing applications, as they relate to ‘fastening and joining’, ‘materials’, and ‘PCB’.

The Neutrik Group develops, designs, manufactures, and globally distributes innovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and systems, under the NEUTRIK, CONTRIK and REAN brands.

A global specialist in audio, video, power and data connectors, digital components, and power distribution systems – particularly where security and reliability, in the harshest environments, are mission critical – the group’s product portfolio is used extensively throughout the AV entertainment and installation, media production and broadcast sectors, and in wider industrial applications.

Superb design and manufacturing, and the high quality components and materials, are standard; and extensive environmental and safety certification helps ensure the requisite industry compliance of cable systems.

Within the portfolio of NEUTRIK production display, the FIBERFOX series of HMA fibre optic connector systems will be of major interest. FIBERFOX brings multimode fibre connectivity alive, without the need to handle pigtailed bulkheads.

With easy-to-use bulkhead mounted connectors, FIBERFOX converts a standardised LC patch cable into an expanded beam solution – making in the field repairs and upgrades possible. FIBERFOX also makes for easy assembly in fixed and mobile production facilities, providing significant savings in time and complexity.

The FIBERFOX product range includes briDge connectors and pre-assembled cables, a weatherproofed ‘Adaptor Box’ with several connectivity variants, and the new fox BRID multimode hermaphroditic connector module and FIBERFOX Rotary joint; all suited to an extensive array of industrial applications.

Also being shown are CONTRIK professional portable power distribution systems and premium-quality power cables, designed and precision manufactured in the EU for use in indoor and outdoor all-weather applications.

CONTRIK offers earth-bonding solutions from the event-stage and lighting sector, across the wider range of on-site industrial applications; for safe and secure on-site earthing systems for any power systems.

The power distribution and protection components, integral to CONTRIK systems, provide assurance of electrical security, even in the most environmentally demanding applications, with quality, safety and reliability.

High levels of mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection include high levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection, corrosion insensitivity, non-conductivity, and protection from mechanical impact provided by CONTRIK’s Easylen housing material.

A range of new products includes the CONTRIK Active Power Container, Power Racks and Power Turtle distribution boxes – with circuit breakers – passive power distribution turtles, and Power Multicore Cables.

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