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Multifunctional generator features at Embedded World

27th January 2017
Mick Elliott

New products will sit alongside Rigol’s proven instruments for test and measurement applications at Embedded World in Nuremberg (February 14-16). The new DG1022Z model is a multifunctional generator that enables a wide range of tests by combining multiple functions in one instrument. The devices combine application fields like function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, and analogue/digital modulation as well as a counter function.

In addition to the Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS) technology, which provides very stable, precise, and slightly distorted signals, the signal jitter is reduced to 200ps by SiFi, the new and innovative Signal-Fidelity technology.

The device is characterised by 25MHz bandwidth for sine and square signals and two standard, fully functional and independently operating channels.

Up to 160 integrated waveforms are available and the various modulation modes include AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM. The standard interfaces USB Host & Device, and LAN (LXI CoreDevice 2011) are available for communication purposes.

For their DS/MSO4000 mid-range oscilloscope series Rigol now offers the decode options for LIN and CAN bus to make these instruments even more attractive.

Users can thus step into the DS/MSO4000 oscilloscope series with a cost-effective model, and if necessary make a software upgrade to a higher level of functionality, when the measuring tasks will change.

A typical case for the need for bandwidth expansion is when, for example, steeper pulse edges have to be measured or when the frequency of the test signal has increased.

For this, Rigol offers three upgrade options, which can be implemented on already purchased oscilloscopes as well, provided that the latest firmware version has been installed.

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