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Military RF inductors on show at Space Tech Expo

15th April 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


At the upcoming Space Tech Expo, which takes place from 19th to 21st May in Long Beach, CA, Gowanda Electronics will launch five series of RF inductors for military applications. The company will be situated at booth number 2118.

The series’ include the MRLF19M, MLRF21M, MLRF22M, MLRF24M and MLRF28M. The RF inductors expands the number of QPL-approved MIL-PRF-15305 MS part numbers that can be addressed with Gowanda components. Refer to the table below for series-specific values.

The RF through-hole, wirewound, molded inductors are designed for radio frequency applications in the military, aerospace and defence markets. They are suitable for communication, guidance and security applications, as well as in radar, test and evaluation and special mission applications.

The overall performance range provided by the series includes: inductance from 0.47 to 10,000uH, Q min from 35 to 95, SRF MHz min from 0.95 to 300, DCR Ohms max from 0.06 to 72, and current rating mA DC from 47 to 2400.

Cores are powdered iron or phenolic depending on MS number. The operating temperature range is -55 to +105°C (Class A) for powdered iron core parts and -55 to +125°C (Class B) for phenolic core parts.

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