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Menta promotes reprogrammable chip design

8th December 2023
Harry Fowle

Chips Act: Menta promotes its new generation reprogrammable chip design technology in Brussels.

The European Commission met with Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, to inaugurate the Chips Joint Undertaking (CJU) on the 30th of November. The aim is to fulfill the gap between research, innovation, and production in the field of semiconductors. Menta, a French deeptech specialising in semiconductor design, was invited to promote its vision and carry out its ambition to become a leader in the field with its new generation reprogrammable chip technology (eFPGA IP).

The chip design and production market is organised around two complementary axes: monolithic chips like those manufactured by STMicroelectronics, and heterogeneous chips, today operated by Intel, AMD or Apple. “Regarding this latest and new path, Europe could significantly increase its chips production capacity. This would strengthen its sovereignty and security in terms of microelectronics while capturing new shares of the global market and get closer to the objective of 20% of integrated circuits designed in Europe, serving the internal markets affected by the shortage of components”, says Vincent Markus, CEO of Menta.

Before adding: “The subject of heterogeneous chips and their reprogramming with ePFGA IP technologies such as Menta’s, could be heard at the highest levels of European decision-making, after the entry into force of the long-awaited European Chips Act in September 2023.”

Furthermore, the European Semiconductor Board held its first meeting. This council brings together member states to provide advice to the European Commission on the consistent implementation of the EU Chips Act and on international collaboration in the field of semiconductors. It will provide the platform between the Commission, Member States and stakeholders to address issues related to supply chain resilience and possible responses to the crisis.

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