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Mek at IPC Apex inspect assemblies from start to finish

22nd November 2021
Tom Anstee

Mek, a provider of Automatic Optical Inspection solutions, will present a multitude of innovative solutions for inspection of assemblies at IPC Apex exhibition.

A range of THT AOI, SMT AOI & manual assembly AOI systems for every step of your manufacturing processes can be witnessed on Booth 2725.

For those requiring visual inspection at manual and semi-automated SMD and THT work stations, the Mek VeriSpector Assembly Station AOI allows manufacturers to perform real time assembly and placement inspection and prevent defects before they move into line and onto the next process. This instant feedback to operators helps eliminate the risk of failures and increase the quality and effectiveness of manual and semi-automatic manufacturing processes, delivering significant yield improvements. Although optimised for PCB assembly tasks, the system is also ideal for use in other disciplines.

Also being demonstrated at the show is the desktop iSpector JDz350, an entry-level AOI-system which delivers the fastest return on investment for EMS customers that seek optical flexibility, easy programming & usage and the highest inspection performance guarantees.

The iSpector JDz AOI systems feature a five-megapixel camera. In combination with coaxial lighting and the 3D meniscus profile, the machines can inspect whether a PCB has good solder, no solder, lack of solder or excess solder for both SMT and THT solder joints, by its meniscus profiling algorithms.

The JDz uses a Z-axis for maximum flexibility in THT inspection. The Z-axis enables inspection of objects at different height levels such as sandwiched PCB’s, tall components or positional measurement of tall connector pins. The Z-Axis can move the complete inspection head equipped, including the coaxial lighting system, resulting in a large Field of View of 36.0mm x 30.0mm and 15µ resolution.

Completing the line-up of inspection solutions on the booth is a demonstration of the modular SpectorBOX AOI system. The SpectorBOX module for self or third party integration is uniquely engineered to accommodate solder frames on return and/or feed conveyors. The system allows inspection of bottom side, top side, simultaneous dual side inspection or conformal coating inspection, deploying up to 18 cameras, Z axis positioning and auto-focus. SpectorBOX GTAz Bottom-Up AOI is optimised  for the inspection of THT solder joints to identify defects such as presence/absence of solder, wetting problems, meniscus shape, pin insertion problems, bridges.

Defect review is operator friendly with automated 9-image microscopic presentation for classification and repair. SpectorBOX JUz CCI  is the ultimate solution for conformal coating inspection. It can be used after manual spray, automatic spray and dip coating applications. The system is able to provide coating defect detection covering the components and around the components. Bubbles and other contaminations can also be detected.

The Nutek Main Frame allows easy integration of one or two SpectorBOX modular AOI systems into the production line on single or dual level conveyers.

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