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Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference

30th January 2017
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Since 2016 the myriad of threats facing maritime nations has not abated, mass migration and terrorist infiltration has plagued nations across the globe and is particularly poignant in the Mediterranean and Asia-Pacific Region where maritime traffic is particularly heavy.

Therefore militaries, law enforcement and civil agencies must be able to monitor traffic all the while protecting their maritime assets from external risks and this is accomplished by utilising advanced technologies from platform sensors to unmanned systems and space-based assets which are constantly going through upgrades and advances in sophistication. There is also a greater need to better analyse and disseminate data between partner agencies and nations to respond quickly and effectively to maritime threats.

Therefore SMi Group is proud to announce the second annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology conference will be held in Rome from the 30th-31st January. Based on the success of the 2016 conference, which included presentations from senior host nation officers including Rear Admiral Natale, Head of Ships Department, Italian Navy General Staff and senior representatives from the Italian Coast Guard and Air Force; we aim to replicate and improve by providing a more regional focus, not just on the Mediterranean, but other areas of interest including the Black Sea and further beyond in the Asia Pacific region. All of which have keen collective interest on ensuring the safety and security of legitimate maritime activities.

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