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LXI & PXI switching solutions to be exhibited

5th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

At this year's electronica, from 11th to 14th November 2014 in Munich, Pickering Interfaces will be exhibiting LXI and PXI switching solutions. These solutions include the PXI Signal Insertion and Monitor Matrix, the updated PXI Large Matrix BRIC, the updated PXI Microwave Multiplexer and the LXI High-Density Matrix.

Featuring both switched and direct connection paths to the X and Y-axes, the 40-525A PXI Signal Insertion and Monitor Matrix will be on display at the event. The 34x4 matrix allows test signals to pass through the switched X-axis to the Unit Under Test (UUT) on the direct X connection. To disconnect the stimulus signal, the switch enables each through path to be opened. The direct Y-axis to the matrix allows the user to monitor the signals with test equipment, such as an oscilloscope or DMM, which can be connected to any of the 34 through connections. The switched Y connections can be used to apply alternative test signals to the UUT or apply faults to the through connection. The matrix can be expanded and is available in a 16x4 version, suiting both those requiring higher numbers of through paths and those requiring lower. 

Electro-mechanical relays, which are capable of switching currents up to 2A and voltages of up to 300VDC or 250VAC, are utilised by the matrix. An easy to use 78-way D-type connector, fully supported by Pickering Interfaces’ range of connector accessories, provides user connections.

Now with 20% density improvement over previous models, the 40-565B PXI Large Matrix BRIC Modules will also be exhibited. At 200VDC or 140VAC, the modules can switch up to 2A. The matrix modules, which are available in 2, 4, or 8-slot PXI sizes, allow a complete functional ATE system to be housed in a single 3U PXI chassis. Providing a quick and easy way of finding relay failures within the BRIC module, the 40-565B modules are offered with Pickering Interfaces’ Built-In-Relay-Self-Test (BIRST) tool.

Pickering Interfaces will also be showcasing the 40-785B PXI Microwave Multiplexers, which now feature LED indicators to aid in test system development and debugging. The single and dual six-channel multiplexers, which have relays mounted on the front panel, are designed for switching 50Ω signals up to 40GHz. Up to three remotely mounted multiplexers can be supported by the single slot version. Compatible with any PXI chassis, the multiplexers can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis. For users preferring control via an Ethernet port, the multiplexers can also be used in Pickering Interfaces' LXI Modular chassis.

The 60-553 LXI High-Density Matrix, a 1024x4 dual bus 1-pole matrix in a compact 1U full rack width enclosure, will also be introduced at electronica. Supporting high relay closure counts, the matrix is designed for use with a digital multi-meter or source meter for checking for insulation problems between a single contact and all other contacts in the UUT.

Allowing it to be divided into two smaller independent matrices, the 60-553 has been designed with a dual bus arrangement. Minimising capacitive loading and maximising bandwidth of the matrix, the dual bus design features isolation relays which enable sub matrices to be isolated from the main matrix when there are no closures on that sub matrix. The matrices are supplied in models ranging from 256x4 in increments of 128x4 and can be linked together to form larger matrices by cables. Providing a quick and easy way of finding relay failures within the BRIC module, the 60-553 is offered with Pickering Interfaces’ BIRST tool.

The company will also display the PXI High Power Relay Modules, which are suitable for high power applications that exhibit currents ranging from 5 to 40A. The modules can switch heavy AC or DC loads or for control large external relays, contactors and solenoids.

Comprising an SP8T (8:1) MUX occupying two PXI slots and an SP16T (16:1) MUX occupying three PXI slots, the 40-883 PXI Solid State 6GHz Multiplexers will also be exhibited. Ensuring fast switch operation time of 50µs, repeatable performance and an indefinite service life when used within ratings, the multiplexers utilise solid-state switches.

The 40-784A PXI Microwave Multiplexer, which supports single, dual, or triple SP4T or SP6T relays and are available for 50Ω, from 6 to 40GHz, will also be showcased by Pickering Interfaces. Featuring LEDs that indicate which path is closed, the multiplexer occupies just two 3U PXI slots.

Providing an easy way of supporting the company’s 3U PXI modules in an Ethernet-based LXI control environment, the LXI modular chassis’ will also be on display. These support all of the company’s switching products, simulators such as resistor modules and battery emulators and some PXI instruments and power supply products.

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