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Low-profile power inductors at embedded world

13th February 2020
Alex Lynn

Coilcraft’s stand (Hall 3 / 3-550) will feature a broad range of products for embedded applications, including low-profile power inductors with footprints as small as 1.14x0.635mm, maximum heights as low as 0.50mm and current ratings up to 20A.

The XGL Family molded power inductors feature low DC losses and extremely low AC losses for a wide range of DC/DC converters (from hundreds kHz up to 5+ MHz).

The lower DCR, plus higher Irms ratings, allow XGL inductors to operate much cooler than other components.

The 0402CT Series chip inductors feature a ceramic core and a maximum height of just 0.45mm, a 30% lower profile than competitive products. Offered in 23 inductance values from 1.2 to 56 nH (with, 5%, 3% or 2% tolerance), the 0402CT provides excellent Q Factor performance – up to 84 at 2.4GHz. It also offers self-resonant frequencies as high as 27.5GHz and current ratings up to 2.3A (Irms).

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