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LED component portfolio lights up Thai expo

22nd May 2015
Barney Scott

E has announced that it will introduce LED components for lighting, signage, infrared and automotive applications at LED Expo Thailand, taking place from 21st to 24th May 2015, in booth S03. The company's 0.2W 2016 series features compact size and a high flexibility of applications including tubes. The small pitch signage 18-035 series (0.5x0.5mm) will also be on display in this event.

Everlight's recent 2016 series offers a compact size and competitive price. Its 2.0x1.6x0.6mm dimensions provide design flexibility for applications with minimum need for space, making it suitable for tubes that demand for size and space minimisation. The 0.2W 5630D series offers up to 180lm/W at 5700K and 165lm/W for warm white. Its performance allows a reduced number of LEDs used in one piece, thus making the entire fixture more energy saving as well as making it suit tubes and downlights.

The 0.2W 2835 series is another compact size choice for customers, and the 3 chip 18-035 series suits indoor signage displays. Spotlight applications that demand for performance and brightness are supported by EVERLIGHT's Color Choice COB and high wattage products.

Three-in-one SMD packaging and gold-plated materials are introduced in EVERLIGHT’s 18-035 series.The chip is carefully selected for its ability to reverse current and ESD. Its small package size (0.5x0.5mm) combined with precision packaging techniques allows even fine pitch between LEDs.

It offers higher packing density and realises the visual effects of high resolution, colour and contrast. The compact size of 18-035 makes it suitable for fine pitch applications up to P0.7-0.8 which will definitely satisfy the demanding requirements for indoor signage displays. In addition, EVERLIGHT is still providing its 18-038 series (1.0x1.0mm) that features good brightness, long life, energy efficiency and fast response.

EVERLIGHT will also showcase automotive LEDs including high-power LEDs for headlights, 4-chip and 5-chip package series. For optical technology, EVERLIGHT keep multiple chips at very tiny spacing through rigorous and leading key technology. The strength of this is to allow the light to converge close to a single light source, thus providing a much clearer cut-off line required for headlight optics, fitting for a wide range of applications including headlights, daytime running lights and fog lights.

Additionally, a series of infrared products will be on display at the show. The infrared product lines IRM, ALS (Ambient Light Sensor), PLT (Photo Link), IR/PT/PD LED and couplers cover a wide range of applications, such as IR remote controls, automatic adjustment of monitor backlight, A/V signal transmission over fibre optics, power control for TV, and sensors for home vacuuming and automatic floor sweeping machines.

A complete portfolio of couplers is capable to satisfy the needs for industrial control panels, including applications for power supply, electrical metering, communications equipment, UPS and solar power.

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