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Latest update to regional parameters including support for India

23rd June 2017
Lanna Cooper

The LoRa Alliance has announced that it has achieved a milestone, surpassing 500 ecosystem members in just over two years.

Those members, along with their partners and customers, are rapidly deploying the LoRaWAN protocol, with 42 publicly announced operators - a 3.5x increase in one year - and over 250 ongoing trials and city deployments.

“The LoRaWAN protocol is being adopted so quickly because it provides an open standard with ten plus years of node battery operation, a range of ten plus kilometres and an average node bill of materials of less than $10.00, providing a wide-area alternative to the high cost, complexity and overhead of other network implementations,” said Geoff Mulligan, Chairman of the LoRa Alliance. “We continue to build on these advantages by actively working to extend the global reach of our IoT ecosystem, and by quickly responding to market changes to increase network capabilities.”

As an example of these efforts, the LoRa Alliance just released the latest update to its regional parameters for LoRaWAN 1.0.2 revB. Some of the many improvements include:

  • India: Added support for the country’s 865MHz band, which enabled the recent deployment announced by Tata Communications that includes managing data from 200,000 sensors and gateways using Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Universal IoT platform.
  • Australia: The LoRa Alliance demonstrated its responsiveness to the constantly changing technical landscape by rapidly adding support for Australia’s recent regulatory change to its ISM band. These changes greatly extend the maximum range and payloads of LoRaWAN networks, using even the lowest data rates.
  • Korea: Expanded Korean band capabilities.
  • Global: Added more consistent support for regions where the maximum allowed transmit power is expressed as Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP). This EIRP support makes it much easier for network operators to manage heterogeneous devices while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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