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Jetting, dispensing and conformal coating systems at APEX

20th March 2014
Nat Bowers

At IPC APEX 2014, March 25-27, 2014 in Las Vegas, USA, Nordson ASYMTEK will be exhibiting new jetting, dispensing and conformal coating systems. SMT adhesive dot jetting with dual action will be demonstrated on Nordson ASYMTEK's latest system, the Quantum Series high-performance large-format dispenser.

Solder paste dispensing, using a dual-simultaneous valve configuration, will be demonstrated on the Spectrum II Series high-speed, high-accuracy, small footprint fluid dispenser. The Select Coat SL-940E Conformal Coating System will have a new triple valve solution: the SC-400 PreciseCoat Jet, SC-280N non-atomised film coater and DV-09 needle valve, showing both precise and spray coating. It will be in-line with a Nordson YESTECH automated coating inspection machine, which ensures that the conformal coating has been applied and applied accurately.

Nordson ASYMTEK is expanding dispensing and conformal coating possibilities by demonstrating two different 2-component material meter-mix-dispense technologies. The first integrates a Nordson Sealant Equipment Engineering system with an ASYMTEK Select Coat conformal coater creating a system for sealing, potting and gasketing, especially for use in the automotive, electronics and military industries. The other system is ASYMTEK's AM Series active mixer which combines a dynamic 2-component material mix capability with an existing Nordson ASYMTEK platform and applicators. This enables 2-component fluids to be actively mixed and applied with standard dispensers, jets or coating applicators with the same speed, precision and accuracy as can be done with one-component systems. The AM Series mixer can be used with a variety of fluids such as epoxy, silicones, acrylics and polyurethane in electronics manufacturing.

"Nordson ASYMTEK's strengths in technology, system solutions, and process controls can really be seen in the new platforms and technologies we have on display this year," said global marketing communications manager Roberta Foster-Smith. "We love to develop new methods of dispensing, just as we challenged the industry back in 1993 when ASYMTEK introduced jet dispensing. We continuously work to improve so that the standard technologies keep getting better."

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