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IoT DevCon to address design challenges

15th October 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Focusing on practical implementations of IoT technologies, the IoT Developers Conference (IoT DevCon) is scheduled to take place on 6-7 May 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, Calif. Offering two days of technical training, hands-on demonstrations and networking, the IoT DevCon will be held alongside the Multicore DevCon.

Delivering expert-led technical sessions and panel discussions relating to the practical side of connecting products to the Internet, the 2nd annual IoT DevCon will educate the industry. Resources to understand and tackle the challenges of IoT implementations will be provided at the conference. While discussing the benefits of IoT, industry VIPs and luminaries will also provide attendees with authoritative perspectives on how IoT technology will affect business and product development. Providing attendees with the opportunity to see IoT technology in action and interact with specialists and pioneers, the IoT DevCon will offer IoT-focused exhibits and hands-on demos. 

“The number of IoT applications is exploding, shattering expectations and estimates, and challenging engineers and management to create products that rise above the hype to generate real value. To meet the forecasts of 10 to 20bn nodes in the next several years, makers need to understand and address the obstacles,” said Chris Ciufo, Co-Chair of the IoT DevCon, and Editor-in-Chief at Extension Media. “This conference’s focus on real solutions will benefit attendees from all across the globe and spectrum of industries, whether they are for designing IoT nodes, optimising hubs, managing security and analysis of big data in the cloud, or any other IoT-related applications.”

“Given the value and potential of the IoT, the first IoT DevCon was a smashing success, attracting more than 1300 registered attendees – more than half of whom stayed through the closing panel, which needed extra time to respond to the enthusiastic participation,” said Markus Levy, IoT DevCon Co-Chair. “To streamline the vast IoT domain for developers, engineers and makers, the 2015 IoT DevCon will focus on technologies from ultra-low power microcontrollers to multicore-enabled aggregation hubs, combined with the software and security infrastructure required to monitor and manage the enormous loads of device-generated data.”

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