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Innovative products in booth 1361

2nd December 2021
James Anstee

Seica has partnered up with all three of these exhibitors in one large booth, with an assortment of Semiconductor MEMS equipment on display.

The Flying Probe Tester Pilot V8 Next series represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology; it is the complete solution for those who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, low to medium volume testing, maximum test coverage and flexibility, for prototyping, manufacturing, or repairing any type of board. Its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously. Seica’s Pilot V8 Next series can also be configured to test ceramic wafers and the most complicated probe/MLO boards produced in the world today.

The Flying Probe Tester Pilot V8 Next series is suitable for: 

  • Wafer test
  • Probe Card/MLO test
  • Product validation testing
  • Vectorless and in-circuit tests
  • Programming and functional tests
  • Boundary Scan test
  • Medium/high volumes with automatic loader
  • Highly-integrated prototypes
  • High-mixed products
  • Boards not designed for testing
  • Reverse Engineering and Repair

Neo Handler is the OSAI equipment for testing Semiconductor components, from MEMS sensors to discrete power components. The small footprint (900 x 1600mm) and a scalable architecture allow to dramatically reduce the cost of test. High flexibility, in addition to several combinations of I/O feeding (from direct die to tube feeding), offer a hi-end test handler solution with low investment costs. The wide range of scalability features offered in OSAI equipment allow for multiple configuration ranges:

  • Multi-site test sockets (up to 140 sites)
  • Multi-site pick up tools (up to 35 sites)
  • Stimuli units (Pressure, GAS, Temperature, Humidity, Microphones, Magnetic, Inertial)

Entirely developed by OSAI, the Neo Handler can test several MEMS sensor types and geometries. If you are interested in high-throughput, parallel testing, MEMS testing, product validation, high-power testing or ways to automate all of these solutions, stop by for further details.

Neo T-LAB benchtop series is the OSAI’s ultimate lab test solution for MEMS sensors. With its compact size, the NEO T-LAB is the smallest laboratory equipment for product developments, characterisation and validation. The possibility to re-use the test hardware directly with the production test handler dramatically reduces the product’s development costs. Several configurations are available to support any MEMS needs, such as: Microphones, Pressure, Temperature (standard and automotive ranges), GAS and Humidity.

If you are interested in MEMS testing, product development and validation, stop by for further details.

SEMICON West is the premier annual event for the global microelectronics industry. After a fully digital edition in 2020, organised in response to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEMICON West 2021 will return to Moscone Convention Center between 7 - 9 December as a hybrid event.  Please stop by at our booth #1361, David Sigillo, Vice President of Seica and his team are looking forward to welcoming you for a demo and to assist you in solving your most challenging test and automation requirements.

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