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Innoscience to demonstrate that GaN is all around us at APEC

6th March 2023
Harry Fowle

Innoscience will be attending the upcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) event in Orlando, Florida from 19th – 23rd March 2023 at the Orange County Convention Centre.

Key Innoscience personnel will present three talks:

  • 11.30 am, 21st March, Dr Marcon Denis, General Manager of Innoscience Europe: ‘High performance GaN switches for LV and HV applications on cost-optimised 8-inch GaN-on-Si technology platforms’
  • 10.40 am, 22nd March, Dr Pengju Kong, VP Product Design Engineering: ‘Integrated GaN Solution for LV applications: bringing efficiency and operating frequency to the next level’
  • 09.20 am, 23rd March, Dr Pengju Kong, VP Product Design Engineering: ‘2.4kW All-GaN 48V to 12V bidirectional converter with BiGaN load switch for mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV)’

At booth 310, Innoscience will feature demos using Innoscience’s GaN power devices (InnoGaN) under the themes: ‘InnoGaN in Life, InnoGaN in Automotive, and InnoGaN in Datacentres.’

InnoGaN in life

This theme shows that GaN is penetrating everywhere in our daily life, highlighted by the following diverse demos:

  • Mobile phones from Oppo and RealMe showing how one Innoscience Bidirectional GaN device (VGaNTM) device can replace two silicon MOSFETs in a solution that is 50% smaller and more efficient than other silicon-based solutions
  • A 3kW outdoor storage power supply that reduces the required size of portable batteries
  • Yadea e-mobility chargers made with InnoGaN for e-scooters that are more efficient and compact than what is possible using silicon devices
  • 300W class D demo delivering the ultimate audio experience and higher energy efficiency
  • 200W LED driver using GaN that is smaller, thinner, and more efficient than a silicon solution

InnoGaN in automotive

The automotive industry is reacting very positively to GaN. Innoscience will demo:

  • LIDAR systems from Hesai featuring 100V InnoGaN to drive the LIDAR’s laser
  • A 2.4kW 48V-12V bidirectional converter for MEHVs
  • Highly powerful and compact 150buck-boostst converters for in-car chargers
  • A 3-phase motor drive power stage where three half-bridge SolidGaNTM devices from Innoscience replace nine silicon parts
  • Gan Solution for Class D audio amplifier for a more efficient solution and higher audio quality

InnoGaN in datacentres

Innoscience offers a solution for each stage of the power conversion that happens inside a data centre to make them more efficient, smaller and even more cost-effective with fewer components:

  • 2kW PSU and 4kW PFC for the first AC/DC power conversion that is much smaller and more efficient than a silicon solution with a power density of 150W/in3
  • 480W and 600W 48V-12V DC-DC conversion made with discrete LV InnoGaN wh a much higher efficiency and half the size of a silicon solution.
  • 1kW 48V-12V DC-DC made with SolidGaNTM ISG3201 (integrated half-bridge with driver) for the ultimate performance in terms of efficiency and size with a power density as high as 2150 W/in3
  • VCore solution for the final DC-DC conversion stage down to 1V for the CPU

Emphasising this last point, Innoscience will keep pushing forward the standardisation of GaN device packages. Having second sources for parts will further reassure customers and speed the transition to GaN.

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