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Hardware developer conference names lead sponsor

8th February 2016
Mick Elliott

H/WExpo, a new UK conference for hardware development engineers has named JTAG Technologies the lead sponsor. The conference will cover such topics as board development, board bring up, hardware validation and production testing. H/WExpo will take place at Cambourne near Cambridge (April 27-28).


This event will be free to attend for engineers and scientists working in the field of hardware development.

"We are very pleased to be a part of H/WExpo," said James Stanbridge (pictured), UK Area Manager for JTAG Technologies.. "This event will be an important opportunity for us to share our latest developments in boundary scan and to also introduce the concepts of JTAG/boundary scan testing to those new to the industry. It will be good to have an event dedicated to the challenges of modern hardware design and test."

Covering topics such as hardware design, memory technology, touch technology, SoC, test equipment, display technology and reference design platforms, H/WExpo will consist of a series of workshops, an agenda of expert presentations and vendor exhibition.

JTAG/Boundary-scan is a method of testing (and programming) modern Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) after assembly. Using the dedicated test logic built into many of today’s integrated circuits (ICs), JTAG/boundary-scan checks if each device is correctly inserted and soldered onto the PCB.

JTAG Technologies has been working in the field of testing digital and mixed signal PCBs since the 1990s. Its boundary-scan products can now be found in design labs and factories in over 50 countries across the globe and by 2012 the company had shipped over 8000 systems to more than 2000 different customers.

“At this event, I will be explaining the fundamentals of JTAG Boundary-scan,” said James Stanbridge. “The presentation will start from the beginning and explain how IEEE Std 1149.1 works and why it was developed by the JTAG committee over 25 years ago.                                    

I will then explain what can be achieved with JTAG/boundary-scan on today's designs and also look at subsequent developments such as 1149.6 and testing via JTAG core access and 'embedded instruments'.”

H/WExpo will be co-located with the Device Developers' Conference, an event for engineers that develop solutions based on embedded systems and realtime software.

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