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Google showcases Gemini AI at COMPUTEX 2024

24th June 2024
Tess Weller

At COMPUTEX 2024, John Solomon, Google VP&GM, ChromeOS, showcased the Gemini AI model, highlighting Google's prowess in AI innovation. Gemini is a scalable, natively multimodal AI model with the industry’s largest context window, processing text, video, code, and images seamlessly.

Key features of Gemini AI

  1. Scalability: Gemini supports deployment from powerful data centres to on-device applications, fostering rapid innovation
  2. Multimodal capabilities: integrates diverse data types, enhancing user interactions
  3. Extended context window: handles extensive data inputs with a context window of up to two million tokens

Practical applications

  1. Workspace integration: enhances Google Workspace with advanced functionalities like email summarisation and personalised correspondence
  2. Android enhancement: first mobile OS with integrated multimodal AI, providing seamless AI-powered experiences
  3. Chromebook Plus: powers Chromebook Plus, offering advanced AI features at accessible prices, democratising AI tools

Future innovations

Google plans to introduce new AI-driven functionalities, including hands-free control for better accessibility and context-aware multimodal interactions, redefining user experiences.

Google’s commitment to responsible AI deployment and collaboration with partners aims to bring transformative AI technologies to millions, enhancing productivity, creativity, and accessibility globally.

For more AI news and updates, stay tuned to our latest coverage on advancements in artificial intelligence. 

Read more about their future collaborations with Apple here.

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